Cardi B SLAMS Candace Owens After She Calls Her an 'Illiterate Rapper'


It's blowing up right now. So this is candace owens versus Cardi B. and not just doing this to be silly I. Did they actually got into something kinda substantive here it started when. Canvas was on Ben Shapiro's Sunday special. Let's take look the clip. I completely agree with your assessment about Cardi B. It is one of the biggest insult if Black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden who has been hiding in his basement you know for the entire year maiden appear to come up because he was going to do an interview with Cardi B.. We we have nothing better to offer. I. Mean this be tend to. Donald Trump saying I'm going to give no. Interviews, but he came up and he decided to give an interview to Justin Bieber right I mean I wish I actually just be I'm sorry. I know you are a Christian Man I. Don't want to put you in the same boat as Cardi B. but it it would be absurd white America would go what what is this why? Why are you being interviewed by Justin Bieber and it's because you're pandering right? You're pandering you look at Cardi's instagram easy. She has millions of followers and you think. Okay. This is an illiterate person, and if I if I appeal to this a person and she does a group like she literally did in the middle of this interview, they think she's cool. She's hip just by sitting here and and taking this interview walking will vote for me. It's basically saying black people you are stupid. You are dumb and you're so foolish I mean do you think what if she just said in the middle of the interview Joe Biden? Can you name one Cardi B. Album? Not Jimmy favor just one Cardi B. Lyric. He couldn't do it. Of course he's not because he's being handled and they're saying black people like this person this is what they're into, and so here you go talk to her. Okay. So Cardi, b. e. then heard what candy said and she hit back she did a couple of videos I think four videos on instagram shows on camera, but you could hear her talking in the exact quote that she said she's talking about. Canvas she says, she has an identity crisis just because she is black doesn't mean she gives a F- about blacks and you can hear also saying the candidates owns husband George. as part of a group that she like into an upper-class kkk of the UK now first off. I was at Atkinson in Georgia's wedding George a great guy they are a fantastic couple. The wedding was one of the most spectacular weddings I've ever been to and it was just filled. With love and there were black people and white people and there were straight people and gay people and there were Republicans and Democrats, it was it was a truly just a just an absolutely wonderful wedding with with a meeting of Families George comes from an upper class family in the UK. Candice comes from Philly from mostly lower middle class family and that everybody was just dancing and having a great time. So this nonsense from Cardi, B. But anyway, that's what her. Take on what candy said was, and then you know candidates. So she's not just going to sit there and take it. So campus followed up with a couple tweets and I'm going to read to you she said Malcolm X. warned us years ago about the puppetry of interviews like Cardi B. and Joe Biden, he always spoke out against the White Liberal game of using entertainers pawns. This isn't really about you Cardi B. This is about black America Waking Up to Democrat racism. She went on and another tweet to say never listened to a person that has private security but once the public police defended never listened to a millionaire that made it here in America but trashes our country. These Hollywood idols are frauds leading sheep down paths they never took when they discovered success. So so candidates makes what I think are pretty cogent salient points and Cardi B. Then jumps back in. Cardi visas well, paying taxes is something that as much as I hate, it's a reality I will always have to pay but I rather might tax money go to free education than police funding use my money on something useful your president us our tax money to fund is empty camp in ruts. So trump uses his campaign a. Uses the tax money to fund his campaign is that is that right? Well, can't jump back in and said one your tax dollars or ready to go already go to free education. Jesus. That is true to know campaign uses tax dollars for funding. That is illegal that is also true and three defunding police initiatives has led to two hundred percent increases in black men getting shot in inner cities stop supporting black people dying.

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