With Jerry Jones, even with him coming aboard Dallas by force, right climate that was by today's, You know


The biggest Dallas cowboy fan is Mr Eric Trump Eric catch of his Trump's son. Okay, Donald Jr No or is this isn't a sunny He pretty much tweeted. All football is officially dead. So much for America's sport. Goodbye, NFL. I'm gone. Okay. Who K over. You bad is over there Who gives a damn even with blowjobs, and he's not going to watch me. But I don't give a damn. Where are watching football? Yes. You know how some people probably coming after the national land, And so what you know is true. I still despised effect of how they change the narrative. Yeah, you know, saying about it's against Vettes. Donald Trump is against vets, you know, saying that visiting cemeteries, and this cemetery is here for losers. You know that John McCain is not a hero because he rose don't get caught. That's disrespectful to POWs understand? Do know

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