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PLA Anthony Welcome to the show so. How are you guys doing? Don't? Talk to you. So, people. Know, you got your start in radio at the age of just sixteen t talked to us about your journey I like to go to eleventh grade and I was just so until with this radio station and then went to an event they were having enormous like saw some interns like hanging posters with something that the Wu Tang clan was doing and I was like this could be really cool. So I applied for the program NASA I got him but I didn't really have a plan I just knew I. Love Music and my love for music has taken me where to where I'm at now I got somebody who has dj big. Fan You want not held it down. But it's been incredible to see your acting career just flourish and you play the character of dom on most recent season of the shy conduit for the money I, do it for the culture talk to us about what it was like to play. And get into that character shirish doubt I love lean away. She's amazing for our culture and she was like I might have something for you on which to come in addition and I was like I can't mess this up like I wanna be on the shy and I got the role of dom which I love because she's so different from leaky show empowered dom as a chef that's an entrepreneur and trying to get their business off of. The ground and really focused into keeping 'em it on point so they can build this amazing business together. So I think it was a great transition into go from working with great creators like Courtney Kemp and fifty to now be on the Lena and her crew has been just an incredible transition and so there and you've been acting in so many different types of roles for over ten years I'm curious like what type of role do you hope comes next I'm always looking for relieve rooted and grounded stories just stories that matter to us. Our culture stories that we can relate to stories that people aren't telling I'm attracted to that kind of material, which is why I'm also producing house well, because the great thing about producing, find your own material and bring it to life you're working on a new project that gives a behind the scenes. Look at the NFL. Tell us a bit about this new series and why you wanted to be involved. So fifty were executive producing together the book that we read that we love and it's more about like what goes on behind The scenes with sports, but it's mostly about the women. So many women just give up their own lives just to be there for their partner, who's an athlete losing sports, and what happens when you like I have my own life and I want to do my own thing and what effect does that have, but it gets really grimy and gritty in real and obviously you know sports and athletics or something you know I know a lot about so I was able to really give some of my stories and really gives some real. Really exciting content to the show. So we're excited we're excited to hopefully be in production really soon and get that oven going you're also working on. Producing Story About Sin Toya Brown long you know young woman who killed a man in self defense sixteen was tried as an adult given a life sentence was then finally offered clemency last year. Why was it so important to you to make sure that this story was told that just such a powerful story and I had been tracking it for a while and watching toys interviews and just what happened to her from young growth? Donau. Moe's fascinated at like what? Was Your Life like that. took you down these paths and then her completely changing her life and finding God and becoming the spokesperson for young girls and sex trafficking. I thought it was amazing. So that's something we're so excited about and wanted to be so careful with because now we're telling someone's life story. You don't WanNa, take it lightly or take that for granted art. So power was truly one of my favorite shows I've talked to breathe way too much. I still found myself wondering what carers from the show would do if they existed in the real world. So We'd love it if you could just indulge us in a little bit of a game. Okay. We're GONNA throw out a scenario and you tell us which character from power best fits the situation. All right. Okay. So we all know that Joe Biden made good on his promise to choose a woman to be his running mate. On the democratic. Ticket but we want to know which female character on power would have made a better choice as a running mate. Okay. So You already know off the top of the dump quick witted she's smart. She knows the system how to get through the system I. think he'd be a great running Angelo for sure I mean she kinda got caught up by the system that numerous through it and she knows the law whether she was part of breaking the law or not. She knows the law. So I think she would have been great. All, right. Second Question. So none of the men on power were necessarily winning awards in the a good boyfriend healthy relationships department lynch two men from power. Do you think could go head to head in a horrible boyfriends verses? Who would you like to see? I think draze caring. There was a horrible boyfriend who said the daughter the always mentioned that he didn't care what happened. Durham mom probably ghost I don't love how he handled the situation between you know Tasha Angela and how he did that I wouldn't say Tommy 'cause. You did kill Holly. You're right. Maybe that's what I was gonNA. Relationship you've really love Kisha and things that he would have never heard. Anything to protector. So he might not have been the ideal boyfriend, but I think he was getting to a place where he was really trying to eat. Better. But he did last gopher. No

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