Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York has endured ‘21 days of hell’


But here's a quote from Cuomo in a play the audio I don't read too because I'm looking at it I think it's really interesting he says we're back to where we were twenty one days ago twenty one days of hell but here we are no I I think that's interesting because there's a lot of information out there we talked about it last week and if you missed the episode last week of this coronavirus special you can check it out at W. A. B. C. radio dot com and all of the core of our specials are listed there but we talked about how M. I. T. has suggested that the hot spots in New York City may be directly related to the subway system and I find that interesting because when you go to I don't put a target they let X. amount of people into the store most stores are leading X. amount of people into a store and if they hit that that number you got to wait outside while you're inside six feet apart six feet apart six feet apart right okay but they didn't do that in a subway now you had the mayor who had police you have Cuomo as MTA police of Cuomo who's in charge of the subway system do you think for a second that they could have said let's put some offices they're saying all right we're only letting X. amount of people in on to the platform for the next coming train all right U. ten U. twenty U. hundred whoever it is you guys go and make sure you stay six feet apart and then wait for the next group all right that's good the same way they do it when I want to go by you know Michael your products at the at the Walmart or the target even though they had does it so my thought is why couldn't these guys these geniuses in in Gracie mansion and here in the city what why could they not figure this out

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