Strange World - burst 2

Fame is a Bitch


Was an aide with Joe Biden. And a lot of you know what he's going through And there was actually a phone. Call that this Tara. Reid's mom made into Larry King live years ago and she was describing in mentioning the kind of harassment. Her daughter went through at the hands of Senator Pretty interesting stuff. I know a lot of you. WanNa scream that When this happens the trump or so many other people on the right the The person gets crucified in the girl becomes a hero. Just like what happened cabinet on hearings. And so many other instances But I gotta say I've mentioned that this girl Tara. Reid is a bit mentally unstable. That's why as creepy as Joe Biden has looked over the years would smelling hair and crabbing kids next to him I don't care for this story. I just don't i. I'm a big believer in somebody having a pattern of of badness That's why I'm on Woody Allen side. There's never been a pattern of him attack in young girls. You Know Jeffrey Epstein Big Pattern There are so many people bill cosby they'd pattern. Harvey Weinstein the pattern Woody Allen one instance from daughter who had an ax to grind especially because her mom Mia Farrow. Couldn't stand

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