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They've been wasting money and I'll give you specific examples are



Governments state governments are all of this money flowing into the York and he's out there lying to new Yorkers and I'm not exactly sure maybe maybe is buying in normal enjoying the fact that people are saying Hey maybe maybe this is the guy maybe he can really do it I don't think he can well guess what since taking off this is his third term since taking office in twenty eleven is doled out more than ten billion dollars in public funding and tax breaks in the name of economic development and they end up being costly giveaways a series of broken promises a ton of boondoggles you know they called it and the land in one of the local New York papers here and the same with the Blasi oh by the way I mean he's out there scaring everybody yelling at Donald Trump every day and every single thing that they've ever wanted that they've asked for they are getting all this and here's another thing here well they've been wasting money and I'll give you specific examples are how is it possible knowing New York is V. number one target of terrorists and others in the entire United States how is it they are this ill prepared for anything is it telling us the hospitals are prepared I don't even have extra Mastro we didn't store them with in store that we don't have that he's in the there's not one thing that it seems that they have been prepared for not one and then they just sit there every day and they scare people then they you know lecture the president I'm with lecture the pride what do you need any more there so I need more that I need your maybe the plans you're gonna save money bought mask instead of you know old labeling trans gender bathrooms how bout you just make an announcement go to the bathroom anywhere you want whether it says men or women how's that that would have been quick and we want to save the money you could have bought some masks and gowns and cetera it is a tax payer disaster in New York you know fifteen million goes to a film hub in Syracuse sold for one dollar along with ninety million for a light bulb factory than the seven hundred and fifty million dollars he spent on a solar plant that promised three thousand jobs but guess what it now got mothballed is like they built a nuclear facility on Long Island and that went on under his watch but even that got shut down and it's the same with with his counterpart the New York City mayor com read the blog zero I mean I'm looking at all the money that these guys spend and I'm I'm like scratching my head and it's like there's there's nothing good enough here yeah I'll get just take this one example how many masks how many gallons how many ventilators how much how much money could have been spent preparing New York for what would ultimately probably unfortunately be the inevitable which is either a terrorist attack or some type of pandemic it's a big city it takes it's an international city it's more likely to be a victim and if you're taking in more money than any other state in the country R. why aren't you preparing for any of this this guy spent seven hundred and fifty million dollars on a solar panel factory events he was taken over by you on must of Tesla and solar city river band was supposed to be the largest manufacturing facility in North America they promised thousands of people jobs they said they would attract billions in new investment Tessler ends up closing this place after they took it over and all of that money thrown down the drain and the same thing you go look at the Blasi as mayor and his wife let's read from the New York Post yeah they wasted one point eight billion dollars they've identified in taxpayer dollars in the city of New York and they're lecturing everybody give me this give me that give me that why you guys lecturing anybody on the use of money and in the meantime com read the blog zero is a is going to release three hundred criminals from Ryker's island okay well they also have in this state no bail in other words you get arrested you don't have to post bail and your released another dumb idea and you have criminals going on television and in newspapers all over New York bragging Hey I've I I just get to go out and do it all over again and guess what they do they do it all over again also turns out that the Obama administration never replaced the protective bass for their health care workers either I mean I'm watching these P. that the list is comprehensive the amount of monies that are being spent to help New York rightfully so are unprecedented and you don't get a single good word at either one of these guys that frankly are culpable when they should've stop wasting money and they should have been preparing knowing ground zero is always coming close to New York it's going to happen likely to happen unfortunately and

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They've been wasting money and I'll give you specific examples are

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