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Hello and welcome to three wide Kava. I'm your host Mick Wall. A Pat Mullane here at the screen would tightening the situation going on in Australia very seriously. Megan show we give ourselves a NAS? A man of distance but was still gonNA cover a lot off here on Friday. We had to bring you all of your writing analysis. The satellite joined Bananas Salmon Marshall Absolute Pleasure to have you invoice. How we going is big really good Saif Sand and happy to be working side gang to be bringing you the best of Roseville this weekend and right around the country of course but I'll tell you something right now. Hug taught him how many has never looked better from the. Toronto's you look terrific today hugging Ka. That's the best I can but nausea to courtney love a band hall. At the moment we are in one. But we're going to get out of these we're GONNA roy stick fatty hiking winners. Send us only away from Josie. Now we know where we started. Tweet we stop at Joseph's track report the prohibit loss. Wait let's let's recap these second he said. You gotta be gotta be pies on spayed. Di Di all were. And they'll be coming off the route of the middle of the track. Josie absolutely not last week Josie placed hammers. She got something for this. Well hopefully we can get something Roy this week as well look ask seeks maters. We'd go at a little bit. Further soft seeks at the moment so expecting fifteen meals on Thursday fraud. I expecting I Ryan but Saturday expecting zero to six meals a gain so I think we're going to be in that soft seek seven Ryan Account. Expect these track to draw it really interesting to get further off the rile. Not so much the case he really own speed again but even horses. Just on the riles or a big advantage. When it goes eight six made is in the soft six Ryan. So don't be surprised. If the riles are the place to be. Look back to rile fullback rows. You could probably still win so darn expecting to get too far off. The fence are now. That's the pattern that was last week. And you sort of Virginia again. This week I think would be the case this week. Woy think they might go for horses. They're hard up against the rows one-two-three lines this Saturday. The Guy. We've heard that I very good Josie. Let's jump into the rights now. I rice. We're going to have a look at of course is the Tankard. I've a twenty four hundred metres very elegant. You're five and deservedly so to five followed in the market village. That five dollars Mugabe does muster g non does Mirage dancer in southern France both thirteen dollars tariff at twenty three dance area twenty-six truth at thirty one dollars Josie. We'll go to you and the map here. Really Secular Fahey woolley done. There's a lot of speed on Piper. Roy think very elegant will roll forward. We saw her roll forward last seven days ago when she was just beaming boy a dive. I think they'll roll forward John McCain take deposition Angel Truth Going forward I think four nail you'd expect to be at its fetus. Mugabe possibly could go forward. I think now it's had its second. Go at twenty four hundred meters. It could possibly roll forward. And there's a few days that just don't have the yearly gates paid to be able to do that with very elegant fourth. This time last year she was fourth option. One the CEO. She went really well. I think they said something really. Well spoke about that Rice where she finds finished second to die. He's a superstar. We spoke with these inform. One hundred and twenty-five die have absolutely gone extremely slow in that Rice lost weight but twenty two or three to eleven to seek time clearly the best laws four hundred lost two hundred of the die by far just close to half a second best boycot or. I think she'll win. I think she'll roll forward. John macrobiotic control the rice and she'll be two affiliates. Yea won this race last year. Two dollars sixty seven to a dollar sixty but that was off the back of winning the brain but somewhat unlucky in Australia Cup with issues. He's not going as well for me. Plus doesn't have the tactical advantage that very elegant will have always very elegant in the tankard. She proved a class. Last docked ships loomed up. It was a terrific Roy. Thomas macron Donna. Because he was able to take it up. A heated flat spot very elegant nosing front about he was able to fought back and Buddha. A love the way she held and she backed up once before that was from the white fool. Obviously into the Oxygen Victoria. Sh we know she's a two thousand four hundred made a win in the. She's charrier off by very elegant and I think rolling forward outside of Angel of truth or couldn't imagine she'd give up that advantage and get into a NAS rhythm and then settle for the twenty four hundred Mehta Gallup with that Mirage dancer and Moussagy. I think Mr. Jeez the best at solder in this field. He beat southern France over in Europe when they last met day. And I up. Winning these runs behind master on was terrific last dot. Ob It on a heavy non draw surface. He could improve out of the Ground Ivy. These trip most ability. He's not going as well Mugabe wait got group three. He comes up another level he so it's very elegant rice to win. Technically he bought oil Weiss. I look for a broad from one of these jockeys to get rolling at the item. I can take away that breeds and that turn of foot from very elegant and it might be the Rod on Moussagy. Just quickly you did mention. It was a really good. Pick up to mention that she did back up in the visa off the white full she actually filed she seven so there is. There's a slight knock. It could be that. Maybe she doesn't back up. She needs some link. Between Iran's bought. The profile was perfect but are just want to punish that you mentioned it so. It's really good to cy that she has backed up before she rented finished seventh in the works and she was four dollars. It was a foul issue variety wrong. That's the case. I think that animated well You guys know nothing more than when you hit the sign. That horse especially in a group want now. Let's have a look at the voluntary. Well I'll tell you what we're GONNA shorter Ye. Gentlemen Don Wait Funds. Ta Adults Seventy Five. So I'm interested. He chance they probably don't four. Forty MARKET GETS FROM THE PAINTINGS. Twelve bucks for say no and Missile Mantra. Both Iden- Does as got twenty shot about twenty. Six game of thrones. Twenty seven nudge. Forty six dollars and then just over the page aspect ratio. Best of the rest at sixty one dollars Josie funster very short but is justified. I think so. I think she's an absolute potential superstar. If she's not already there just with the Matt I think she had the barrel forward but again not a lot of speed on pipe. Pontes aspect ratio. I think we'll go forward and here. I think where the rights can be won or lost. I think that he's talked to clearly. Have between them they both exceptional phillies hard to knock either of them. But I think our probably roll forward as well and I just don't know where the problem beale has that tactical speed to be able to do that. Third up he fund star in the spring on the floor knocking off probably'll it was a dollar seventy four or five hundred one three and a half links. I just think these rice. It's up so much like that Rice They went extremely slow. Start yes fun. Style was in the advantage position and just had the technically vintage probably it was pretty good ren very close to debate and link not even that but they've come home twenty five twelve thirty four. That was the best of the die by a significant margin. They would've won the Kumo. They used to run the Cornell if they decided to run. They've got panels on the wrist. They got panels on the is the too serious racehorses going forward with both of them but I think fund star will have the tactical advantage and she's an absolute beauty. She will be but the last question overdrawn barrier right. She's she'll be in two minds early doors where the row. Ford and talking. Just come back and rod for a little bit of luck. I think that plays into the hands of probably joining soda. A breach of the China of probably Siamese. She's not based on a wet track in which funds stop later on last stat and she was able to technically outlawed on that occasion. But I love the white probably going fishy. V that she's had she's GonNa run a good tooth estimators. She can jump and lane close out and be wrought on fun styles hammer wherever she wants to sit in this field. These are clearly the 2-based horses in this race by five and ninety bad luck will bring one of these two undone because missile mantra as IAGO. Who won the Kimball Grind classic an Old Sisa painted and shout the Bio? Come through that time rice. This is another level up to Probably'll and found status. I based on that inside a barrier Kerrin mcevoy. If you're watching go and watch you'll lasting group one winners might and try and get to means Barack Obama. You just seen a bit of a hall. At the moment the basting could do back much all of my best rods to get out of that. And it'd be nice and shop for a big dialogue roading PROBAB- bill and can you get rotten. Big Fan Star. He technically

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