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A new story from Dave Ramsey


Live in their homes or small businesses okay so you want people to issue you want we have three quarters of the country in a state place thirty nine states one of which is not a a shelter in place state is Alabama here's what the governor said a couple of days ago governor Kay Ivey cut fourteen you've heard me say we are in California we're not New York that's why I support my peers throughout the state that feel like they need to take additional steps if this situation on the ground warrants it but I have a responsibility to look statewide and in this case one size does not fit all easy at the fat you want everyone down the president says I'm gonna let governors make their own decision although it sounds like he forced Florida to do it so you think the president should say fifty states fifty states down I do not not because I personally want that because that the doctors and the scientists think for us to get a handle it for two weeks if we were to do it right I think we would find ourselves able to arrive at the moment that you want I want and I think the country want including the president which is to get everything back going again even that means gradually I think the governor not a doctor in I just happen to think when we go to a pandemic listen to the scientific and medical experts clearly they made the decisions the governor's medication on behalf of Alabama and we all have to live with that but I hope she's right and I got to tell you when when I'm confronted with something from my doctor according a medical situation today governor I generally defer to what governors Democrat or Republican so this is not a party David this is should help statement so I want you to go back to original point about our economy I know the school of thought I'm not I'm not a I don't have a masters in economics but I know the Republicans especially were for free trade and for free trade agreements and they wanted to you know get all these things going on they thought in kings creek places like China and Russia Russia we hoped that they would be part of the with the world a Connie and wouldn't be in their interest to have war and they see the benefits of capitalism and the growth it would bring into their cities and now we're seeing the negative side of that and I thought Peter Navarro put it best I think we change from here regardless who's president cut thirty six things that this crisis has taught us Sir is that we are dangerously over dependent on a global supply chain over fifty countries have already imposed some forms of export restrictions in their country against the rest of the world and what we what we're learning from that is that no matter how many trees you have no matter how many alliances no matter how many phone calls when push comes to shove you run the risk as a nation well not having what you need and if there's any indication of the presence by American secure borders and a strong manufacturing base.

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A new story from Dave Ramsey

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