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A big thank you to all of them


When we have that best threat and early tomorrow morning tonight low temps will fall into the mid to upper fifties to mild overnight and a very warm day tomorrow so now they're nice one for us once we kick out the shower and thunderstorm activity and that's going to move out fairly early on most highs tomorrow should top out in the mid seventies but here's our future cast model overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning we do have that threat especially northeast Indiana for a shower or thunderstorm right now our models taking it a little bit further east there is that potential for maybe a rumble of thunder early on especially in our eastern communities by nine at ten o'clock tomorrow that activities gonna be well out of here and we should salvage the rest of the day so it looks like tomorrow afternoon looks okay we'll get in a lot of sunshine but I think that's going to help at least fuel some of the showers and thunderstorms that will rapidly move in very late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning will timestamp this at about eleven o'clock notice here how we have a line of potentially stronger thunderstorms that will move in overnight so our severe weather threat during the day tomorrow at least for tomorrow will be late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning and that doesn't compass pretty much all of the viewing area all of us during the day tomorrow and overnight Tuesday into Wednesday we have that potential for stronger to severe thunderstorm main threats will be damaging wind potential for some hail that's going to continue to shift towards the southeastern by around one thirty two o'clock that's when we have that but I spent a picking up on a severity thunderstorm that line's going to continue to shift southeast should be well out of here

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A big thank you to all of them

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