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Covert nineteen will make it


Healthy will in turn protect Californians during the pandemic it's like the worst of the storm sweeping a three southern California is over but several more rounds of showers are on their way most neighborhood saw one to three inches that's a lot of water for a mid spring storm this storm is a little potent though for April by April standards this is storm we expect to see more in January and February meteorologist Tom Fisher with the National Weather Service says coastal city so less than an inch by ten AM places in the hills of inter county so as much as half a foot there is some good news to though northern California counties will still likely finish the season with below average precipitation but the low desert in San Diego county will hit or exceed the norm the meteorologist says LA county is very close but still drier than a normal year support for NPR comes from the George Lucas educational foundation creatures of edgy topia an online resource dedicated to improving the learning

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Covert nineteen will make it

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