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Coronavirus: Amazon Doing Temperature Checks On Thousands Of Workers


The should not stop you from going about your life should not stop you from going to Chinatown going out to eat I'm going to do that today myself to come to China town here we are again care for C. and come join us there is no concern at this time for coronavirus in our region sanitation is ready for Mardi Gras twenty twenty the facts are reassuring we want new Yorkers to go about their daily lives and there's really no need to panic and to avoid activities that we always do as new Yorkers we are hearty people Americans do not need to panic that's what I would suggest however is that Americans take this as a wake up call for seasonal flu there's very little friend here this disease even if it were to get it basically acts like a common cold or flu so we're telling new Yorkers go about your lives take the subway go out enjoy life and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday if you had to would you close down the borders we just we we honest about the American people the which American people about the fact that we can't keep people coming here from China and transmission is not that easy I think there's been a misperception that coronavirus hangs in the air waiting to catch you know it takes direct person to person contact we also know that if it were likely to be transmitted casually we would be seeing a lot right this is New York everybody all the time while that was people like Nancy Pelosi the Blasi of the New York mayor New York City politicians New York congresspeople people from the government in New Orleans and on and on and on and those yeah all Democrats and they're all the same ones saying of trump has blood on his hands that's what I'm saying listen trump hasn't done everything right no one has done everything right but the idea somehow that it's all his fault is sheer nonsense no one saw this coming except maybe one guy senator cotton and I'll get you that just a little bit and I'm gonna get you some of the other media people that are lying about this next hour including Joe Scarborough everybody saw this coming out you sure didn't show and we got the details on that and as I say the US intelligence has concluded that China concealed the extent of the outbreak in a university of Southampton study the author Dr les she found earlier action from China could reduce the spread of the disease by up to ninety five percent by up to ninety five percent wow you want a blood on your hands and then a great piece by Shaquille that Dalmia where she wrote about we don't want to do what China did everybody's praising China because the propaganda of the World Health Organization much to their chagrin in great shame quoted the propaganda of China making it seem like they did everything right and they surely did not but you look at what happened in China the authorities in Wuhan town of eleven million people kept denying there was human human transmission even after seven hundred thirty nine people including four nineteen medical personnel became infected with the virus in fact

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Coronavirus: Amazon Doing Temperature Checks On Thousands Of Workers

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