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Coronavirus & Bitcoin


Get everybody. Welcome to the CRYPTO podcasts. Up Your head a A good day it's Well awakened actually. Obviously we've just come out of a weekend some of you who are in the. Us You'll still be awakened so continue to enjoy. Yes so what happened over the weekend markets will I can tell you very little indeed but what happened since last time. We spoke with a lot because that was Friday morning. Martime And since then we've seen A Fed Shank of a crazy guy will on really it certainly went to beat wild. The markets markets. I'm talking about just globally every market. That was a huge hit across many financial markets around the world when we push doubts on facebook and twitter lost weight. Some summer was Wednesday or Thursday. So designed that the traditional safe havens don't seem to be his car alighted anyone a lot of people misinterpreted. What I said. Sign that you know what he told them. A Gold has been going up and yet it has Goldman going up while the stock. Market's been going all the pavement guy up so I was Silva And then the mark time off and goldenseal. The had the two single biggest days I think for many years. If if you've got that correct I mean I didn't go through a measure. Every single measure every single shot. But I can tell you right now. Tom Silver home was down six point two percent now as a daily chart does that is a a very very very big. Move there and one that you know to the as you flick through the child. I can't say anything that looks like a big full as that till back in our J. something similarly back in still be back in two thousand sixteen so a huge huge sell off their silver gold. Also come off with a single biggest. I mean this is the goal was. It's definitely one of the single biggest days in multiple years as typically nine is a Sifi. It sold off four point six one percent. That's a big move for gold it. It's a very very big move so it's GonNa be a very interesting Tom. Across markets and particularly book particularly particularly the CRYPTO market and. He's Wa particularly the crypto market as we and if we say I should say if we see will continue to say. Markets tumbled because usually outside of the traditional industry foles. Ten percent of they stopped to they. Start to go. Start the Cole. Tom Correction Mode after ten percent. Down to fifteen not fifteen sixteen percent of the lows on the SNP. What happens then typically is that some people will start to look at safe haven options out the sky out of the Sky Landau. They'll do more to try and help. day risk the portfolio. Well let me look at these days. Risks Options things like gold silver platinum. This sort of stuff platinum that. Aides concern a spanner in the works. He's ready really big falls because it's a little bit of a huge amount within coming off a huge amount it modest Ivan Dole. Full more money to come into bitcoin and Bitcoin the CRYPTO market. Because you know I think that most platform providers will be aware of bitcoin. The MONTEK him a little bit longer aware of the rest of the market. But I can see that as a possibility of our current possible courage to happened. Because you know you won't percent if you consider that I think I read somewhere. That six trillion dollars walked off the markets. I think it was the fraud or Olaf Ludwig. I can't remember exactly but one percent of that I believe is six billion six billion into bitcoin. Capitalization doesn't seem like a lot but it actually is because it's quite a thin market still gone come in and try and buy six billion dollars with bitcoin. That's GonNa that will take some work so it's going to be very very interesting more interesting than many in the past because of the the whole thing that's going on traditional markets at the moment yes. Bitcoin has come off There is no doubt about that last night. We did definitely come up but I'm still. I'm still more bullish and bearish. And that's because I'm I'm looking into the highest timeframes like the weaklings angle pulled back into that region. Looking shorts pulled back Further night but it's still in that area good need to pull back to have a nausea platform to springboard off of K and that sort of one really hoping to say bitcoin days this week once we get the closer the candle very very interesting to see what this weekly cattle sets up to look a bitcoin. Rotten our thousand five hundred and sixty were up currently point two percent a theorems currently sitting at two hundred nineteen dollars and twenty eight cents down. Its up point. One of the present and the guy in a theory of has pulled back around that cradles didn't get all the way back in today. But we did pullback quant nauseated looking quite good going into exile. Pay Right now. It's currently down half percent or twenty. Two Point Eight cents. Not Quite there yet So still waiting for that to To do its thing but again if I could sort of come back in a little bit data not as bullish some of the rest so nothing much going on there we are Dan hop percent rotten. Bitcoin cash is up. One point three percent sitting at three hundred twelve dollars and thirty cents and on that weekly. Bang back into that cradles. I'm very similar to that. Al- bitcoin rot now on the big V. it's up eight point. One six percent sitting at two hundred and twenty eight dollars and seventy six cents Daily downtrend stealing play looking a guy in once again that weekly backing that crawls on beautifully. Well we've come back down. I think we've tested just around just above two hundred dollars and it's hell for the time. Being locked cleanser fifty seven dollars. Ninety eight cents down half percent as well holding its ground. We've got at three dollars and fifty two cents up point. Two three of a percent wants guy on that weekly backing that cradles deba but still in that vicinity bonnets guy as sitting down one point three seven percent it eighteen dollars and ninety four cents on. That weekly wants guy in in that cradles. I. It's not really as defined because we don't have that same trend as many the others in the top ten. God Donna is the biggest mover in the top. Ten for the downside is down two point four six percent. A four point five cents. It's hanging on to dear life to an old support level at sitting there currently around full point five cents. We'll see how that guys there classic up six point two seven percent right now. Sorry seven dollars and eighty three cents and this one is well back in that crowd beautifully well and if we look across the rest of the market sorry if across the withdrawn included is actually at point two nine percent up at one point six cents across much of the market here. Ladies and gentlemen we do have Weekly candles in that cradles online. If we are to see this market move higher now would be very very good time to see that occur. Why because we've pulled back after a very good move. We saw forty fifty percent of the side of the now. I've seen about a twenty percent pullback for us for us to say that market then recover well that would be cooled. Just simply a pullback and if we just simply have a pool buck and we push on higher again we could look very pretty add to that the possibility of a bit of additional capital flowing in from outside the normal sphere and we might actually see the perfect storm. Because we're a long way from not yet. Don't get to try what you say. You know what you're thinking if you don't know what you're thinking what you're trying to get across trying to cope dot COM. Get on that free biweekly newsletter. God because we don't want very very soon talking about that weekly get on socialist. Facebook tried to call Aub and Craig called. That's my and also on twitter at try to come because All be doing a lot more on the social live stuff this week and hope to have you join me and the fantastic wake and gentlemen speech again tomorrow off now..

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Coronavirus & Bitcoin

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