Now we are living like people with Autoimmune Diseases


And I think I speak on behalf of most of my fellow bay area residents when I say that living like this has taken a while to get used to it but it's actually a glimpse into the daily lives of many people who suffer from immune disorders like HIV aids and some cancers who were also as it happens among the most vulnerable to dying of the virus KQED's Laura Clive ins has that story massage therapist Candace Palmer Lee lives in a suburb northeast of San Francisco her daily routine it may sound familiar I'm careful about door handles I always put my sleeve over my hand or right touch things with my elbow instead of my fingers if I go into an urgent care clinic I'm wearing my mask and I don't touch anything and I'm constantly washing my hands the palm really hasn't been doing this for just a few weeks she's been doing it for more than a year that's because she has a rare auto immune disease that among other things weakens her lungs in my support group we joke that allow you know everybody else is finally living the way we live every day to control her illness she takes two medications that suppress her immune system Dr Paul volberding runs the aids research institute at the university of California San Francisco he says that millions of Americans have weakened immune systems damaged by viruses like HIV or suppressed by medications for conditions like asthma psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis being in a compromised might not so much increase your likelihood of getting infected with something like code nineteen but it might make the outcome of that infection much worse just a few days ago Palmer Lee found out she has a corona virus well I'd say my stomach dropped out Palmer Lee's been sick and stayed home for the past few weeks she thinks she's through the worst of it but will remain under quarantine with her

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