New York Weather: Sunday Morning Forecast


There we are getting some sunny breaks in those clouds here this morning it is brisk out there so be aware of that if you do plan on venturing out at all this morning we will see more sunshine as the day progresses it will be chilly though high forty four don't fret temperatures will warm up here for the rest of the week although slow warming trend tonight turning out cloudy rain and possibly a couple snowflakes arriving late tonight near daybreak low temperature tonight down to thirty five degrees tomorrow still chilly we will see mainly rain here in the city and along the coast for the day tomorrow although wet snow and sleet could lead to a coating to an inch of snow north and west of two eighty seven especially in non paved surfaces height after tomorrow up to forty six degrees then finally trending milder for Tuesday more sunshine with a high of fifty seven rain becoming likely for Wednesday cooler with a high of forty eight currently thirty four degrees a blustery northeast wind gusting to twenty miles per hour we have partly cloudy skies repeating the current dentures thirty four going up to forty four this afternoon in mid

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