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Might come off as a little bit too you know gung ho box but you know what good for him


Reportedly getting closer bring baggage Davy on cloudy with the sun reporting they have an offer on the table eighteen and a half million per season cloudy though looking at clips twenty percent is in and the cultural is backup quarterback Brian Hoyer hockey a second player in the centers of tested positive for Colbert nineteen rebel troops to guard Trey Jones S. he's leaving school declaring for the NBA draft WFAN remind you to stay home if you're sick you're not feeling well stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing thirty seven degrees under partly cloudy skies in Central Park in that Stephanie Markel bloody which works for us at the top of the hour on sports radio one about a famous fortune is sixty six your questions thank you for your sports posters anytime anywhere download the radio dot com app in favor us today to get a smart speaker just say play WFAN the latest updates on the corona virus please tune to our sister station WCBS eight eighty A. M. or ten ten wins sixty six good morning everybody how great is TJ Reeves he is a wealth of knowledge might come off as a little bit too you know gung ho box but you know what good for him good for the bucs Tom Brady is gone

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Might come off as a little bit too you know gung ho box but you know what good for him

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