Pivoting Brighton Ruby 2020 with Andy Croll


I'm now starting to report on the series of wonderful people that I got to meet and Harris. Rb FIRST UP. Is Andy Crawl Antea? Cto At coverage book an answer the public he's a Rubio's conference organizer of Brighton. Ruby and author Speaker bootstrap and swim. Dad Thanks for joining me today. Andy thanks for having me absolutely Andy. What is your developer origin? Story overseeing story Roy so I have somewhat a classical nerd background Computers as a small child and then computer science at university and then I took a job. The I thought was technical but absolutely wasn't did four years of HR and communications for a big Tech Company. And then I was getting super frustrated with that all the time I sort of kept up making websites for various stuff. And I I quit that job to re skill into the website side of things and I started out in the front end of html CSS. And I discovered I discovered David Hammer. Hanson's make good fifteen minutes video and base count and thirty seventeen all around the same time in about two thousand seven and I've been doing re be rails ever since so you kind of touched upon it but what is your specific experience with. Ruby on rails. Well it's basically my entire career for the last decade and a bit which me and my niece feel old Yeah so was experience Bill. Various things like my own stuff Currently working with a team in Brighton in the UK on Coverage Book and onto the public which are two entirely separate SAS businesses. Run by technical team of three and a wider team of nine And we have two three thousand customers and we support the more with With two three mainly two or three rails APPs and lots of other stuff around the edges of the press. Cite JEKYLL Yeah so lots and lots of Ruby on rails pretty much. Have you ever deviated from Ruby and Ruby on rails? Have you tried other technical stacks or you pretty focused on rails? Have I strayed I have played a little bit with stuff. Of course all of us have to write Java scrip- whether we want to or not mostly not depending on whether I'm maintaining my own Java scrip- from Herman years ago. Yeah pretty much. I do a lot of fun work in our team as well so we a designer on team and he does some front end But I'm more focused on the performance and technical sides of those things I recently have built a wordpress blog for us for for marketing team re platforming from medium. An idea that was an entertaining exercise in the stuff I used to do was just doing front end. I just wanted to make websites and that was always the bt of Ruby handrails for me will very much finding a thing where I could make the compete to do what I wanted and then may have nice as well so yeah I. I've done a bit but mostly I try and work on problems that ruby on rails is a good fitful so I'm not building chat clones on building super high traffic Things that twitter or facebook scale so for that world any framework in larval in. Php or genuine python is great. I just happen to like Ruby. So that's where I've landed. That's fantastic and we're so lucky to have you in our community so not only. Are you ruby developer? You are also quite the conference organizer. And I'd love to hear the origin behind Brighton. Ruby Ross. Brian wins. It starts. It starts in two thousand nine. I lived in Singapore for six. My sort of initial ruby on rails stuff was in the Singapore community. I worked for a couple of startups out there including one where I raise money and travel startup up for myself and it was about two thousand and nine and we were having Christmas Ruby. Meet up and I was sort of at that time. There were loads of sort of regional conference in the US. Singapore's on the wrong side of the world to get to the US for a conference and so in Japan had guy. I'm always so I said to the set of the around. We should definitely do a conference. Rooms I yeah and do you. Totally should do a conference and I said well should we get to come and they will. He should invite Matt's. I mean Japan's not that far away and so emailed mats and then go back to me and said he would come and so it's his fault because then had to organize fronts. I told him this parable when I saw him again. And he said you used the word fault so that was great so I run that For two or three years and and then when I go back to the UK. I moved to Brighton. Sodium or live in London anymore. I moved to Brighton and decided a quick way to meet people doing the sort of work that I would be interested in getting a job in would be to Paula. White conference organizing inverted commas expertise into having an event in Brighton. So I put on something for one hundred something people the first year and And that was seven years ago and the sort of working out right I think. Wow that's amazing. So how many years is Brighton Ruby? Being going on then so I almost two thousand and fourteen just footing. Yes he doesn't fourteen. So yeah we're we're in the seventh year of Organisation of conferences. Although things have not exactly to plan the Yes yes. So speaking of a topic that cannot be avoided due to cove in nineteen. You had to cancel the in person experience for Brighton. Ruby twenty twenty. So could you please walk me through that decision so I may not really have been paying attention very much? I woke up a couple of weeks ago having sort of open the CFP about a month ago they papers have a proportion of invited speakers so Gemini. I invite the normal speakers the of this because I've seen speak elsewhere. Who would like to get over or repeats because we'd like to have back and then open a cough papers to have people to submit their talks and get new people into the into the speaking game as as it were well into that reviewing talks was my kids were sports thing on the on the Saturday morning and I woke up in the morning afterwards and went. Oh Oh I might have to deal with this. This is this is genuinely a thing. Isn't it And this is probably beginning of March time So yeah like it was suddenly. Oh I'm going to have to deal with this. What am I going to do And that was my first sort of paralyzing thought and I should have thought about that for bit And then I got in touch with the sponsors and the speakers and said just let you know I'm aware of this. I don't know I'm doing it. Let's see what happens as we know. Speaking today stuff has happened. Lots of stuff has been cancelled if the morning. I canceled Brian. Ruby rails also counseled and apple came out with ww DC being counseled so I was in good company that Friday But yeah all I did. I had sort of I sort of knew two or three days before and I turned ticket sales off a couple of days before that whilst I should've rounded the wagons and worked out what the hell it was always going to do because I didn't want to. Just go cancel it and not have a plan. I'd like to have a plan. I run Brighton Ruby. Entirely by myself. we'll see some help on the day the venue have always been really great But yeah it's it's very much a solo effort so I needed to sort of bounce ideas off the people who I normally bounce ideas off friends of mine like Tekken and Nadia and the and the sponsors work at what what it was. I was going to do. Yeah so what I'm GonNa do is I'm I'm having a a not a conference or a alternative conference or we'd conference I am not a fan of online events. Typically particularly the kind where I ended up having to run another massive slack or where you have to be in position at a certain time. So that's great. I personally don't like that. I feel like a big part of. Brian is the in person stuff in the hallway. Tracking was obviously the talks. Great there is an element of coming together and community spirit and see. That can't happen this year so I've focused a little bit more on the content side of things so I'm going to play this with all the speakers so they're going to do versions of their talks as videos which we will then sell and There's also the swag I was going to do was a so. I'm working with my friend. Who Works Works for Book Publishing Technology Company and we all reprinting a paperback of wise pointing to Ruby which for long-term Ruby s will fill the joy and for new. Rubio's to Maitland. Go what but it was so I'd like to do with my swagger for you. I'd like to have a surprise said lost. It was like a reusable coffee cups so I said I didn't. I ordered four hundred coffee cups and this year. I'm going to get hundreds of books printed so that's fine so we're going to print a copy of this book and sit down the Post and then so the the talks will come out. The book will be posted to you and then they'll be an opportunity for people to ask questions of the speakers and then I'm GonNa do what you're doing now? Which is politely. Be Quiet even though. You probably won't jumping all the time and listen to what the speakers have to say about questions from the audience or questions that life go about that talks about them. In general so yeah. I'm going to competition with Uber. And he's sorry.

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