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Are watching. Tommy on CBS. Because it starts my guest today eighty. Falco a welcome. Thank you see. I didn't want to introduce you with that long list of your credit. So Gosh that would just take almost any Golden Globes things you know you should have a whole necklace or embracing the bat but here you aren't Tommy Palang. The chief of police. Somebody had to do it. You put a cop before we probably in is where the war right The chief I know right now crazy. They apparently thought I could do it. Here am why. Do People think you could be charged? Apparently that is a common misconception about my kids there is nobody less worthy of that That there's nobody no my kids anybody's kids are never going to think of you as anything to really you know on the earth or you're in charge more you're going to do that but explain to the world out there. That hasn't watched it yet. Who Tommy is. She is the chief of police in Los Angeles herself as a New Yorker next Nypd COP and She finds herself sort of on the other side of the country and leading a group of people. She doesn't really know in the city. Sch Isn't completely familiar with and that's how we start. You might as well be in your top two because that's where you live. Yeah it's where I live. So they said what? Well they I you know I I get stuff sent to me and I read it to see if I'm interested. I don't I'm not interested much these days. Which worries me? I don't know what has changed but I read the vendors movie. Yeah we're working on please. I know you do have a fifteen year old son so it would be. It would give me an in with him that I don't presently hat but I read the script for Tommy and I thought it was very good but it takes place in La. And so. I put it aside sadly and then My manager came back to me and said well what if they were shoot in New York and I thought he was. Just you know it was a pipe dream and then turns out they ward and they did and we did you go. Well decide to remake the thief of Bagdad. It'll be shot west West village which is can get it done. So what's this I hear about that? You travel with a van filled with pomp. The Art Department is the scenic. People are really they get their long before we do show up there and their palm trees in front of the House and all of this very colorful foliage. When we're all in Parkas you know I don't know but I buy it and I know we're not in La. But I I walk up to the Seine. I'm like wow very impressive to strike. I still do but they were able to pull it off and we do a lot of interiors so that could be anywhere but you bring Your Own New York Ness to this party. I that's great. It fits in the character. Does everything people look at you like they look at me or anybody else's in New Yorker when we go to La. What's the matter with you? Why are you wearing black and white? I don't understand stuff. They hired me so you didn't even go there for like one. We had one day. I shot one in L. A. And we got a lot out of it because I was up on in Griffith Park or something where I was someplace to. They got lots of long view pictures of us in La just to Kinda Cement. The location think it's only fair. I see enough movies that are supposed to be in New York. That are shot in Vancouver and I go way it. That's up late clean on we. Just don't do at all. That's right time. Tommy herself as a character is is to me wonderfully complicated. Oh good all really messed up. And I'd love to see this woman who's in charge be like all of us when somebody says you have authority over this like we all delude ourselves. Who are parents that we have with authority for their right but she she had a messed up marriage her daughter and she don't have the best relation right? Her husband's an actor right. Oh my God. Can I mistaken you? Imagine and she's a lesbian looking for love in Los Angeles while being the chief of police data enough for you to have roll camera to that one but yeah she's got up and who doesn't mean. We all have all thinkers. I think people are ready to see that you know complicated people with complicated lives. And how we're GONNA handle it and so what? I think I like most is that she does see as her priority to kind of get this police department in shape even knowing that there's going to be pushed back the men that she's a female she doesn't know anybody she hasn't necessarily earned her place in that precinct. She knows they're going to be people who are not happy about that nonetheless. You show up ready job and makes that the priority and how these other things fall into place kind of what we hope people will come back to see. But whenever I've talked to you about your life here in New York you've always said to me. You know what I love to do on terrified. Stay to I'm John Cancer. You know my my sign and homebody. Just don't WANNA go anywhere. I win every place and I did so during your whole doubles years. That's right apparently out in the world but yeah I love being home. I have a home. That's comfortable and I love my kids and my dog's my friends come over. I don't know yes. I go out occasionally but I love being home and I love especially working these very long days and coming home to my house in my bed and my loved ones. You know what's important everybody's there everybody's there and even if they're not always happy to see the look of disgust on their faces when I when I recognize. I'm it's do. They comment on your performances. No I I. I'm not entirely sure. They know what I do and I'm completely on. They must've at least watch. I know my daughter said so. The shows on Thursday nights. I said Yeah. She goes We don't have to watch it. Do we know Mace. I won't make you watch kind of worked on it. Because she was onset so much. My daughter almost twelve worked on it. Yes many way would make me laugh. They are endlessly. Funny my kids. Yeah and that's what keeps us all going. Oh for sure. You may not look like you at a spa but that's You know I can't remember totally my life before them. I can't even doing with my time was was it the children when you adopted was the son. The first one was that. What changed everything for you. You know there were a lot of little things along the way. The decision to adopt him was was huge. And then I was talking to somebody recently about the moment they hand you your child who is over or is it like the get to see the baby. I it's every say that one no of course you have no idea. It was connected to this birth mother. Well in advance of her giving birth so They actually handed me my trial. And I'm looking at this little thing. Yeah it's huge and your life changes. It just changed national. Who I thought was like. You're leaving like you guys were the book. He was very nerve wracking. The whole ride home. My friends were in the back looking at him in his seat. Like all right. Yeah No. He's still he's still good. It's really really nerve wracking. But I think every parent goes so. I don't WanNA kill this baby. Try because you can't. This can't be happening to be out to do it. I changed my mind. None of that's allow no. That's the thing is the relentlessness of the whole the whole procedure. I think it's good for us. Well I think it's good for everybody because it's going to happen. It's going to totally if you are huge and wealthy and can hire a nanny for every half day. It's still your cake and the ad may know you're the one you're the one and you're responsible and you did everything wrong and you know that right. Once they're able to talk it's on you. It's so different for Tommy. Because she comes in. She didn't have this relationship with her daughter. Stayed back in with her dad and it was and you're doing this and and trying to find so here it is all these years later. My daughter has a daughter on on the show. And so we're what? Where can we start from you know? Do we try to go backwards and repair? Can we start from where we are? I mean it's all the questions that I guess one would have in a in a situation like that or do I just walk away you know. Is this something that can't be fixed. You know again complicated. Yeah who wants to well? Maybe people do especially in this. You're dealing. This show is dealing with things that were living with every day and immigration. The first episode is there Sexual misconduct right is right. There in fact it was. Tommy that had problem right war and then in the last episode that I'd seen it was about a Hollywood producer. Rice was happening. So do you have input into this. What's going into these scripts? You know what I could I it's been made very clear to me that I have as much input as I want. But I'm so busy doing the stuff that I do. That and we have a stable full of writers that are so creative and interesting and interested and talented suddenly. We're all sitting. I just referred to them as livestock. I'm not sure I didn't mean it like you. The whole group lovely normally humans sitting in a room didn't the story and you look at it and do you go into the stable and say the hell is death if they took this. I look at it if I look at with. Yeah you'd never do that either so you can do it. We have to give me that. I haven't done someplace somewhere you know is is the prison warden. Carmelo is like basically running that house too bad for Tony that any of that happening. I let him maybe total mass but what she's in the hospital we don't think of her diction we think she knows what she's doing as messed up she is. What is it about you that everybody thinks he is take charge? She knows what you do it. Every minute of the hold the will of all the is so what not. You're not how do you deal with all the characters that you've played before when the public when they see you is going to remember one or the other of them vividly? The amazing thing I've discovered at this point in my life is I can't control anything that happens with anyone else so if they are coming at me with a memory of some other character I played. I hope they will let go quickly or they won't be able to Follow the new story that we're all telling you know It is a huge honor to think people look at me and think. Oh I watched that show that you were on whatever but being an actor you change all the time who you're playing in what part of the story you are participating in and You know so I hope people are able to let it go and and look at look at the new stuff. Where do they go in your head? Do they live with you? I'm sure they do you wake up some days and there's a lot of now that they're long gone so you don't need any therapy then it's okay that's a whole other. How much time we got about the role. No no no. No no no. That's also twenty years ago. We started it twenty years ago. Sopranos And then Jackie was whatever I don't however many years ago that was time passes in wants to Kinda I take off the nails and the jewelry and all that stuff she goes away. You didn't save inning of her. Wardrobe tying the wardrobe. No I was. I was happy to move past that. I kept a couple of things from the house and I didn't keep her fingernails wardrobe. Something you'd be in the mood for US.

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