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Kind of an eerie juxtaposition out the window and unfair days outside when we can go outside right now unfolding beauty and innocence. You know tiny bulbs plump Little Buds and the headlines. Hourly and daily so You know I wanted to backtrack about what gardening means tests and sort of what brought us to it. What brought you. How long have you been gardening since I was very young house was a teenager and I started with indoor plants and got really turned on and then when I went to college in Rhode Island I was kind of close to Danielson Connecticut which is where low Geez is and you know I was thinking about all this stuff and I think that shopping has a lot to do with my acquisitive NECE and interest in? You know seeing the new plant finding new plant thing will there? Also incredible and shopping online is something you can do now so really well. So you're GONNA be spending some money and when you you said you were a teenager and so forth. What did it besides these sort of amassing a collection? That sort of instinct. That you apparently had Was there some other escapism or something else that brought you to it or you know. I don't know I don't want to project too. I mean I can tell you mine but I just you know I don't know I I know I have a need to nurture and I just love. It's so exciting to see you know. It seems like slow-motion in most cases but to see a plant grow and thrive or something from seed that sometimes. That's pretty fast and from sea to in your case edibles. It's a miracle and to participate in that it it. I'm thinking how heartwarming it is. And that's it's you know it's a boost. Then it makes you. It makes you think about tomorrow. Yeah Yeah I mean for me. I was in my twenties and I mean you know the story most of my listeners. Know Story You know as my twenties. My father had died the next year. My mother was forty. Nine was diagnosed with early onset. Alzheimer's disease I don't even think they called it that at that time but that was the idea and so there. I was called home for my to cover my widowed mother and that unfolded this strange time in my young life and I was close to home to stay close to home during the day. I had a job at night. Someone else came and care for her at night. And what are you GONNA do? I mean as I say you can only watch so much daytime. Tv When you're twenty four twenty five years old and so I got a garden book. As someone gave me Crockett's victory garden and I would seem sad expression. Victory Gardens seems appropriate right now and I you know and I just started doing the stuff in it like I started going to the local garden center and whatever it said I just bought those seeds or that plant or just did these crazy experiments and obviously killed most of the things in the early going. You know I didn't know what I was doing. But that was my entree was during a very dark time and my my younger life So it's been a refuge for me You know number of times it seen me through. I have often said my gardens has saved me many times so I find I'm thinking of spending more time outside because I can't go at the moment And all of my vents. I'm sure like yours have been postponed at least through. May and I'm sure through June and whatever as well Are you thinking of doing more are you? I'm trying to assign myself some projects things I've put off because usually I have garden visitors and I can't make a mess and leave the mess there for weeks while I you know do a Jew Be Greenwich Ovation or something. I'm thinking well. This is the time Margaret. Nobody's coming right well. We we already talked about me shopping. I haven't really gotten that into that but I probably will usually I shop for something because I see something and then I track it down online and then that leads me. Oh they have a minimum order. Oh and then there's five plants and you only wanted one and then there's shipping savings if you buy forty nine dollars for the plant's not that. I've ever done that but I it's almost time for me to spruce up the house plans and that's something. I can do something I should do. You know do a house plant Rehab. I every day I run to light cart to see who's changed or what seed has sprouted. Miracle never tired of that miracle so there there's that Planted some perennials. Yesterday that came in the mail and they were dormant. How so that's happening already in? That's going to continue. I got a Beirut Cherry tree that I'm growing pot I don't know why right well but whatever gets you through. I mean I think right so you said I loved. You said WHO's changed. You went to the light cart To look at your all your little babysit who. You didn't say what she said. Who and I think of them. The same way to plants are not some inanimate objects some it right. You know I think of them as as as who not one but so you said House Plant Rehab. So this is a time for that and we have time. 'cause we're home and we have time to notice and we can. That's a good suggestion for me. Because a lot of years. I get so hectic. Try and get ready for the open gardens. I don't do my repotting of those house plants on their way out the door for the summer or do you know what I mean. I skip it. So that's a really good one when they're on their way out which is late usually mid. May and wouldn't it be great to for me to clean the leaves with a sponge and a little couple of drops dish soap in accord of warm water? And just clean off the dust but also some of them get a little city mole alden. There's all sorts of insects that can actually be removed with a sponge in a tiny bit of soap and water so The things that have ever removed most of the house plants and things that have firm leaves like citrus and Camelia. If you grow things like that and philodendron which you can go anywhere some philodendron. I put my hand under the leaf than just rub the top brush sponging were almost everything comes right off. The plants look so much better and then they say thank you. Yeah Yeah 'cause I mean. Spending a winter indoors is not really their thing. And all that unseen dust that moves around in the air with The heating system when heating systems on in any house right. And you find that fine dust like my clive is all have that by this time of year and they need a nice Tending you so you have you have a Camelia You Grow Hoyas don't you? I I do. There's one at the kitchen window and luckily that's very close the kitchen sink because the plant small enough. It'll go right in the kitchen sink and get washed off there or you have the climate as you. Probably take him to the shower. Yeah I do I do but Yeah but the hoyas. I've never grown them. I've grown them somehow as needed greenhouse. And well we can talk about what they are. They used to be part of the milkweed family but I think they've separated them now but they're semi succulent. They have thick leaves. They're pretty slow growing except in the spring when they kind of shoot. I have one wonderful one called Hoya Carey. I and I started with one leaf in a pot and it stayed that way for about five years. Want an apart- many years ago and then all of a sudden it just exploded a now. It's a very big viney plant. I have it on a a wreath circle. You know stuck in this well. It's a long story but I wound round and round and it has beautiful flowers when it blooms in the summer and it has heart shaped leaves. I have another one that has purple flowers. They don't flower very often. And it's important not to trim eight trim where the flowers come because it blooms on Spurs Kinda like an apple tree and it'll bloom over and over again on the same spurs so you have to not cut those dead head so to speak to the flowers and their fragrance almost all of them and if you do cut it or it will bleed white. Latex like a lot of succulents and milkweed male creates right. Right right

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