Immune Support During a Health Crisis


Today I personally want to share my thoughts and recommendations on how you can support your immune system during our current has crisis you know as a certified nutrition specialist licensed in the state of Minnesota since one thousand nine hundred ninety six. So I've been around for a long time absolutely so I am one of those people that fall into that category that I have to be careful with my immune system right now absolutely so that is one of the reasons that we put this podcast together special for people who have these issues so we're GonNa make recommendations and of course we're going to focus and making good food choices that will support your immune system because we are nutritious dieticians and that's where our thoughts go first food. I like you always say I will also spend some time. We will also spend some time during this podcast recommending key immune supporting supplements now now that they're not going to be real fancy ones. They're just going to be something that you can do so joining me today as our co host is Leah. Klein shot. John. Ooh That's the hardest part of this show was registered and licensed station and she has been working individually with clients for the last three years. But I think it's going on for Ya. I don't do the math really well. I talk food. I don't talk math. Okay sounds good. Yeah welcome Leia Dr. It's good to be here with you today. And we know the fears about Corona viruses. We have had calls. We have had e-mails numerous calls and emails from clients and from people who do the checking online and they really want to know what they should do for themselves for their family members for the people around them particularly to boost their immune system. What can they do to protect themselves? Their people are really scared. These aren't So we wanted to pull the show together today to just provide some of our clinical knowledge In this podcast about we we believe people will find useful from a food perspective and perhaps from a supplement perspective as well. Unfortunately we know there's no magic pill that's going to boost your immune system overnight and make you completely immune to all of this but the next best thing that we can do is talk about food. I which is of real food diet which includes real meat. It includes real vegetables and real natural. Fats that these types of things really supply as many nutrients as possible. They give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of nutrients than those nutrients help you maximize your health. You know given the fact that nutritional weight and wellness company is a company specializing in nutrition education. You know our staff of nutritionists dietitians nutrition. Educators always recommend just like you said real food and Food I and we really recommend avoiding all processed. Foods rashly right now. So what do we mean when we say real food to me? That means the food side. I grew up eating for protein. We ate eggs from the farm eggs. We chicken beef pork. Some fish and the interesting thing is they were all raised on that farm without chemicals without antibiotics any of those things as close to local as you can get so of course. We recommend buying grass fed meat. That's free of antibiotic residue for the Best Immune support because we're thinking immune support. We also recommend eating two to four ounces of animal protein at least four times a day. Let's share some ideas of how people can put animal protein into their diet so that they have a good immune function right. Well let's talk about why. Why are these meets the fish good for us? Oh that's a good idea. Let's give them a while. We're we'll give them both. We'll give them the why and the what delicate everything so meet whether it is the beef pork chicken the Turkey the lamb. The fish seafood. Whatever it may be it really is a key factor for immune system because meat is rich in a couple of different nutrients Let's focus on vitamin B. Six being one of them be six is really important for the formation of healthy white and red blood cells and especially when we talk about the immune system. We really are talking about those white blood cells. So the interesting thing is that animal protein besides the b-vitamins where those vitamins again Leah. Which wants to the supply for people? Yeah so vitamin B. Six one of them and vitamin B twelve is another one. B Twelve is really important for strengthening up that immune system so the category of the bees seems to be really important and they all come from animal protein so also animal protein contain some really key minerals that support our men function. I don't think people realize that minerals really support them. Uniform so animal protein is an excellent source of iron which is critical for good. Immune system. Interesting isn't eight. Animal Protein is a great source of zinc. Which is also key for good immune function I think most clients are most people are keyed into the zinc piece. But maybe not the iron quite as much exactly you know. I believe the recommendations for all of us to stay home means there will be a lot more cooking going on. I hope so. So maybe we'll be actually able to get more and more people cooking these days. Yeah so a great time to experiment. So what would you suggest Leah for some ideas for people to make it? I mean we have to start out with something. That's simple something that's simple accessible doesn't require a hundred different ingredients right right so. I think about some of the recipes that we have on our website which is weight and wellness dot com. I mean these are great. We have breakfast. We have lunch recipes. You have dinner recipe snack. GonNa up and down. We have a hole puncher recipes. And you know when we put the rest of our cookbook together weight and wellness cookbook and any of our recipes. We really try to make them simple with fewer ingredients so they're not overwhelming and they still taste amazing thing so a couple that I really personally love. One of those are sloppy joe recipe so especially thinking about families out there now. If you have kids that are staying home and we need to think of extra lunch ideas and things like that. The sloppy Joe Recipe is really quick so couple pounds of ground beef onion celery carrots and then kind of a tomato based sauce in there comes together so easily and it makes lots. You have leftovers. Then which is wonderful and kids love it and kids really love it. My grandchildren love that. Yeah I feed that to my son. Who's eighteen months old too? And he's gobbles it up as well So I love our sloppy Joe Recipe but also our Bison Burger recipe is a nice and simple. And even if you're even if you're not making your own patties per se you can buy regular bison beef or Bison burgers or regular beef burgers chicken patties Turkey patties. Any of those would fit that bill for getting in those B vitamins and contributing to that real protein. So if you're thinking in terms of what would you add then if you're not just going to serve some sloppy Joe or some Burger? What what else would you had with that to make a full meal right. So if we're trying to stay away stay from some of the process side dishes or like say a bun something like a sweet potato would work really well and you can even shape the potato into a bond type forums. You could even sandwich that patty between two slices of sweet potatoes interesting. When you say sweet potatoes. The first thing I think of I always think nutrients Beta carotene. Yes a very good antioxidant. Yes absolutely and maybe on that sweet potato. You're adding some of that good fat in there so you get some flavor into it as well so that could be butter. That could be coconut oil. That could be. It could be any number of different fats so the other thing. That animal protein does it. Supports me no acids needed to make our neurotransmitters? Are we talking about this because so many people right now are under so much stress? You're under stress. You start to use up your neurotransmitters and two of the more familiar neurotransmitters that we use. Kinda daily handle stress and particularly right now. One of them is dopamine and the other is Serotonin. So here's how what happens. Meet breaks down into two key amino acids l tire Zane and L Tryptophan and tyrosine the building blocks for making dopamine dopamine makes you feel good gives you energy yeah. I certainly had exists morning and making good dopamine right now started when you start your day off like that. It sets you up for a better kind of more energetic day. Yes in L. Tryptophan is the building blocks for Serotonin. I think there's some misconceptions that a lot of people have is. They have no idea that they can make their own. Serotonin they think they have to get it from a pill of some kind. And that's not really a good source. So what is Serotonin do? We need it right now. A lot of it right now because everyone is stressed and so that helps keep us calm. Managers are stress and anxiety and again. It's real critical at this time. So because stress lowers your immune system so eating a couple of eggs for breakfast and a beef. Patty for lunch. A salmon steak for dinner support your immune system in support your

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