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Biden leads Sanders with 61% in Florida


There looking at the numbers up there in Florida Biden just crush Sanders sixty one point nine percent to twenty two point eight percent in Illinois fifty nine point one percent this is Bob by the way both Florida and Illinois with ninety eight percent of the vote in in Illinois Biden with fifty nine point one Sanders with thirty six point one and in Arizona with seventy percent of the vote in in Arizona Byton forty three and Sanders with thirteen so right you've got those three states the only interesting thing was was the one poll that day came out yesterday let me get to it because I know it was a it was and an overall poll and I forgot which one it was there was one that came out for Florida between in a race between trump and Biden and trump did better I'll find that one the the Univision poll that we mentioned yesterday trump forty eight in in Florida by nine of forty five yeah and over Sanders by by seven points I'm trying to find the one that I saw it must've been the Reuters poll which shows Biden plus nine and that is for comes down from twenty one from the last Reuters poll but then there's another morning consult poll that shows by not twenty one I don't really believe that there's been that much movement I think Democrats have probably come to their decision the article that I was reading Esther is trying to make the point that Biden was so weak in the debate were Democrats are now moving in the other the other way I just don't see it because Sanders was back to his old thing when asked about Cuba you know and then started talking about the good things of China will talking about the good things of China this week probably isn't the right way to go no not for the corona virus probably best so again I just I don't see I see that as an out liar pulled the one that said it buying just by nine I do believe that that Democrats have the majority of Democrats have made their decision and I don't even have to look at five thirty eight makes over thirty eight now to know that you know this thing is over yeah yeah I mean there is no road to nineteen ninety one on the delegate count for for burning unless by dropped out which is not going to do you think about this too the fact that you know course they're both older there has to be very limited contact because of the situation we're in they're not gonna hold rallies trump's not gonna be holding any rallies you know probably anytime soon but this actually works for Biden being isolated yeah yeah I I think it does help you know if if he's going to a rally your you got big basically you're on death watch Woodbine so now it's one on one interviews that's it and adds until further notice that's going to go on probably the next couple of months you might say at least till June right because he's a high risk category he's not going he's you know they're not you're not gonna have any gatherings I don't know what she doing fundraisers because razor where you know the whole thing of you know twenty five hundred dollars a plate yeah whatever it is you can't be don't you can't do that you can't beat you can't be doing that and then tell other people not you're not trying win so right yeah you're not going to have those those dinners of hundreds and hundreds of people for for fundraising so it so it will be really it's going to be fascinating to see what happens politically how do you run a political campaign when you cannot in for the first time in modern history running a political campaign and I do think that especially after last night that it would be the biting people would be looking and saying okay we need to direct our rallies and fundraising not against you know nothing is against Sanders anymore this is done we need to go after trump right and I think the trump campaign would be thinking the same right now but really when you think about it you can't really start running you can't start running aggressive political ads right now you just can't do it nobody wants to hear

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Biden leads Sanders with 61% in Florida

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