At War With No Ammo’: Doctors Say Shortage of Protective Gear Is Dire


Has covert nineteen infections continue to skyrocket in the U. S. the protective equipment increasingly short supply for medical workers some hospitals are disinfecting respirator masks in order to re use them the number of confirmed cases that nearing twenty thousand in the U. S. with at least two hundred sixty deaths some studies show the disease is killing far more men than women infectious disease doctor and ABC news contributor Dr Todd Halloran warrants corona virus in addition isn't just a disease of the elderly the CDC just published a study that shows people between the ages of twenty and fifty roughly forty percent of those patients are hospitalized hospitals across New York state are bracing for the worst as public health officials report more than eight thousand cases have been diagnosed in that state with one New York City surgeon and making a desperate plea for help and supplies were from ABC's Diane Macedo New York pediatric surgeon Dr Cornelia Griggs is making a plea on social media she and her husband are both doctors with two small children desperate for supplies as they fight the outbreak what people are doing at hospitals green using masks that we would otherwise throw out after one Jesus and writing our names on it so that we can remember whose is whose and do you ration and concerns there was mass that we do have last and what we're doing in the meanwhile is using regular masks not and ninety five FEMA has now declared New York a major disaster meaning further emergency aid can be sent the death toll continues to rise at alarming rates in Spain and Italy Spain's count passing a thousand Italy's now passing four thousand A. B. C.'s Julia macfarlane has more from London a stock new milestone in the fight against corona virus Spain and Italy grappling with the new Ryzen cave at nineteen cases the number of new infections in each country soaring spay now seeing over twenty thousand cases I needed to leave the epicenter of the outbreak in Europe nearly fifty thousand diagnosed

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