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Travel to the Alsace Region of France


I'd like to welcome to the show. Brady read from a world vegan TRAVEL DOT com. Who has come to talk to us about the all sauce Brady? Welcome to the show It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for having me and I've already learned something because I was the first thing I came out of my mouth when we started talking. I was saying it wrong about who you want to put it on a map force. Yeah absolutely so the else. Region of France is in the east of France its shares but if a border with Switzerland and also Germany. So it's really in the east central part of France and there's some things that are unusual about this area which will get into. But why should someone go to the all Saas Festival frats just generally speaking is of course a very very popular destination? One of the reasons why. I think France is so appealing. Is that each of the regions So different and also is particularly interesting. In my opinion for a number of reasons so festival is a little bit of like a cultural exception to France and what I mean by that is had a huge influence from Germany over its history and indeed. Alsace has actually been part of Germany and part of France and has it flopped many times over the past hundred years and I believe that before the first world war it was part of Germany for a while and then it went back to France after nine. One thousand nine hundred eighteen when lost the war and then of course it went back to Germany during the Second World War and then went back to France after the war ended so because of this it has a huge amount of German influence in terms of the architect jar in terms of some of the cultural aspects. It even has its own dialect. Which maybe isn't so surprising because actually have quite a number of dialects there but Alsatian is actually quite similar to Swiss German. Actually and actually little trivia there. The USA foundation was actually banned in nineteen forty five however raising white was banned was because they didn't France after the war they didn't want any German influenced in the languages. I believe and when they realized that this was probably wasn't a good idea to ban language like this they actually made it sort of officially able to be used again and now it's the second largest dialect in France although not so many people speak it now and it really is a mixture of all German and French so there are so many reasons but I'll start off with that. It's very different to the rest of France Sir and you mentioned that it was German at the beginning of World War One and became German after the Franco Prussian war in eighteen. Seventy that was when it was acquired by Germany which is shortly really after Germany becomes Germany at that point in terms of Germany becoming got country. So excellent will. What kind of are you going to recommend for us? Well I mean L. S. Is just such a fantastic destination? Because it's really sort of small enough that you can get a really good sense. Some feel of the place and see a wide range of different things in a short amount of time so first of all. I'd love to chat about like getting there because this is really changed in just the past few years so the first time. I went to Alsace which was twenty years ago. Now it required. I mean we know that French trains are extremely efficient but they didn't have any TGV's at all and certainly not the fast tracks until just two thousand sixteen. I think it was so it went from being able to get there in five six hours from Paris to being in central Paris to Strasbourg. Lose in just two hours so it's really really accessible now any for French people but those people coming into France or maybe even want to just add a little. Stay IN AL's Asif that bison themselves in Paris I mean you can even come down for the day. Is that a train that is running from the guard. Dalil I believe so yes yes. It is so young in there so many wonderful things that you can do like I said. There's a real mixture between towns and villages and Cities Festival Strasbourg. That is a really great place to include on your itinerary and I can certainly talk more about what travelers can experience there and this beautiful towns of Karma which is much smaller. You also have the incredible voege mountains to the west of Al Sas and then just across the border into Germany. You have the Black Forest Mountain. They're back forest mountains. Which really beautiful. You had the wine route as well which is beautiful scenic road a scenic road. Where not only do you get to stop off in villages where you can taste wines which very scenic and beautiful but also the countryside? There is just so stunning as well. But it's also really good point to jump over and get three countries for one so to speak by going over the border in Germany. There are some really lovely towns just across the border in baden-baden Okara through and also Basel in Switzerland is a really cool destination as well. So yeah that's kind of a very brief overview. Well where are we going to start? Well I guess because stop in Strasbourg if you like. It seems like a good place to start stress. Book is I think I believe. It's the tenth largest city in France and it is quite an international city because the European Parliament is there so it's love Europeans that are living there who are involved in European politics. And not only is stressful. Like the capital of Alsace and have this focus as being the head of the European Parliament. It's also extremely scenic and the Cathedral itself is absolutely studying. It's widely considered to be one of the best and it's like the Second Tulips Cathedral in the whole of France. And it's considered to be just an incredible example of romanesque architecture and Lepetit class which is like a little region very small area in the center of Strasbourg is actually UNESCO. World Heritage as France has so many UNESCO heritage sites lepetit. Floss is is one of them and that's really famous because it has some beautiful half Timoteo houses and beautiful little couple straits. There's a little sort of canal system that runs through it and you can take a little boat and go through the Loxton and get a bit of a tool there and of course it's particularly magical like the rest of us is at Christmas Time. Where of course you have all of the Christmas markets and there's also the Palais COA which is a beautiful building and real sort of palace kind of setup and has a lot of museums in. That's so stressful is a definite must see. I would definitely recommend heading there for at least a day so if you would just going to stay in the town of stressful then. I think it is absolutely worthwhile and it's something that we do when we are there is too. You can of course find a free walking tour and these are very very popular in France. We have a guide that we use and she's absolutely fantastic with any tool off. The town is going to be so helpful because there is just so much hidden in plain view that you just would not do unless you had somebody explaining to you and professional guides just this incredible source of information in this area

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