Mastercard Names New CEO

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Some breaking news just in from Mastercard. The company says that Chief Product Officer. Michael me back is going to become the new. Ceo Next January first the Currency Agyei bound is going to be transitioning to the role of executive chairman at that time. Of course we should point out during. Oj's tenure that stock has increased more than fourteen fold prior to assuming the CEO role me box going to become the president of Mastercard. And that's going to be happening on March first. All of this comes of course. Just a day after mastercard warned that its revenue could take a two to three percent. Hit this quarter because of the corona virus. Some of the things that they talked about in that released last night That concerned the markets is not only a slowdown in terms of cross-border Travel that's taking place but also cross-border e-commerce people being afraid to even buy things and have it shipped here as well. You know you know the story of the stories in amazing storage. I mean his own personal stories in amazing story. But what's happened mastercard? Over these years is an amazing

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