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I mean it's just universal it was horrendous the screaming <Speech_Male>

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Help for small businesses during the corona virus endemic <Speech_Music_Male> it's

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I mean you G. in this war against the coronavirus seven ten W. O. R.

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Season he needs Tommy John surgery the islanders loss to the Rangers for three in overtime your forecast from the Ramsey Mazda weather center Dressel and light rain before noon then a thirty percent chance of a late afternoon showers cloudy the high is forty seven it one hundred percent chance of showers overnight and possibly a thunderstorm the low forty eight any rain should end by about nine tomorrow morning then mostly sunny and a high of forty two that is your forecast from the Ramsey Mazda weather center right now forty six overcast skies from the seventy seven WABC news desk I'm Deborah Valentine next update at seven thirty twenty four seven coverage at the all new W. A. B. C. radio dot com we are New York Bernie and sid in the morning radio seventy seven so