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Barr Heads To Senate With His Work Cut Out: Selling Republicans On FISA



The Attorney General this afternoon has pitched GOP lawmakers on FISA reforms to clean up the Russia probe mass with all due respect to the Attorney General I think he's done a really good job I I have high high high hopes for William Barr as the Attorney General of the United States the other is going to clear up the FISA mass and what we heard today from David Horowitz on this bill there's gonna plated upper indictments all right and people going to jail that's what's going to clear this up people who clearly lives been people who clearly in my view perjured themselves when they went after the FISA court warrants people who were signing off on documents when they never should have signed off on that argument people who are signing off on this when they knew for a fact in their own and they were doing it on faulty premises that what they were basing it on was a pack a lives and they knew that that was going on look I didn't like the whole idea at the very beginning anyway I don't like the idea of the FISA court I don't like the idea even of as much of the patriot act as we have now it is too intrusive on American citizens and it has been weaponized against American citizens so yeah if you wanna if you really really want to make a big change and six the FISA abuse first of all you start indict indicting people and you start Donovan jail that's the first thing this whole thing about being you know a justice system that is built on hypocrisy and we have one rail of justice for them and another real justice for everybody else in the country that's gotta go and I don't care what your name is and I don't care what you did in our government I don't know how high I don't care how high up you got in our government if you broke the law you broke the law and you ought to be wearing a little orange jumpsuit wherever you go don't matter what's your last name is spelled out how long you served in Washington DC and I think that that's going to be one thing and the other thing that we ought to consider and I'm I'm very serious about this is dissolving the whole FISA court process dissolving it because it has been weaponized against the

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Barr Heads To Senate With His Work Cut Out: Selling Republicans On FISA

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