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I'm David. Hooper in an urban neighborhood. Talked about it before you can sit on my porch. Sit on the steps leading up to my House. You can see the sidewalk in front of my House. And it's not uncommon. Certainly not right now. We're all quarantined. See Somebody taking a break from being cooped up inside their house walking down the sidewalk and that's not just during the quarantine it's anytime I live with what you call a walking neighborhood few years ago. I'm outside mowing my lawn. See A guy ruling up a wheelchair. He's with the dog is he. Comes to my house. The dog enters my yard and immediately takes a huge dump. I got this old guy in a wheelchair on the sidewalk in front of my house. A dog taken a huge dump and I'm trying to mow the lawn. Normally in this situation you might have a guy's got a bag so sorry man. Let me get that. This dude can't do it so it's a little bit awkward. What am I gonNA do get mad about it? No I laughed about. Hey Man stalks fertilizing my yard. I try to be nice. Trying to be neighborly so we talked for a while the small talk. He says he lives a street over and he introduces himself. He says my name is James Brown and you know what I said. Said like the singer and he was like hey say yeah like the singer actually believe it or not. I used to work with him. It turns out this guy's an old school urban radio. Dj It's an am station in Nashville an AM radio. If you don't know it used to be big. Am radio was big bounce off the stratosphere it will go everywhere you can pick it up so much farther than you couldn't FM signal. In fact they didn't even have. Fm Am was big as it was. This am station. It's still around today. It is maybe best known as the radio station. Where Oprah Winfrey got her start. People don't know this about Oprah very some people do I might have mentioned it. Oprah's from Nashville. She went to high school here. Another Weird Oprah connection. My father was her speech teacher in that high school. East high school so anyway. Am radio back in the day. When James was there it was big. It was big when he said he worked with the James Brown. It was because this was the big urban radio station. They call it black radio at the time in Nashville and they would bring these artists into Nashville. They would do promotions for them. They would pack venues and it wasn't just James Brown. He worked with the Eisley brothers every time I would see him. He had headphones on. I used to work with them. He had all sorts of great stories. But if you were looking at him now you would never know that you would see this old guy in a wheelchair with a little bitty dog over the next few years. Because I've got a dog because James was one st over I would see him all the time all the time it always be hanging out wearing headphones listening to music little dog always at aside and because. I'm walking my dog. That little dog will come. Greet s would stop we chat. We both loved music. We both loved dogs and every time he would chat he would have a story. It wasn't always about radio. But being radio myself. I'll get him. Show me how he would do. Intros an out does that old school urban dj way just to see how he would do it. And I would often tell him I would say man. I've got to get my recorder over here and get this on tape. And he always say something now. No that's I don't do that anymore. That's who I used to be. That was years ago last year. I was out in my car drove by his house. And I see a u haul and I was like man James Moven. He got sick of all this development. That was another thing that we talk about about how the neighborhood had changed. She'd been here fifty sixty years more or less grown up in this neighborhood and my father take it back to connection with. My father also grew up in this neighborhood. Just a street over from James was so I've got a connection to this neighborhood to talk about that and James Van. I guess he just got sick of this development because they're always threaten into tears house down. You know that story. Gentrification is what we call it anyway parked. My car immediately went to James's House and they're all these people in their moving stuff out. But no James and there's this dude on the couch and I asked him so what's up and he said James is dead and I was like it was disappointing because he was a friend of mine. This guy's retired as seem all the time I'm working from home. I'm walking my dog. He's out rolling around with his dog. We teach each other all the time and I was like. Oh that's not going to be the same. He's my connection to the neighborhood. You know but also thought about this story that he had and about how I missed that opportunity that history that radio history and those intros and those out rose and the way things used to be in the things that I could learn from him and I've talked about things like this before you now have missed air checks from Great Radio Legend. Here in Nashville. Because I was too scared to do it and with this it was just one of those things that I never got around to that guy that I talked to who sit on his couch. That was his son and we talked about me trying to get some James Air checks recordings. I'm still working on that. A check in with the station the owner of the station. They don't have anything. This was way back before everything was recorded but there are a lot of old air checks out there and James was really popular as a DJ at one time. He didn't go by the name. James Brown for obvious reasons. He went by the name. J Albert Brown. It was weird because he was living among people. That didn't know who was because of that. But sometimes I mentioned it to these older guys in the neighborhood and said you know James Brown a radio. Dj and they'd be the WHO J. Albert Brown. The Oh man. Jail rebrand live here. They didn't even know but they knew him. So sure. There are some recordings out there somewhere. I'm looking for them. There are a lot of people collect air checks. They're out there. I'm still GONNA look but I want you to think about this. This is why bring it up. We take for granted that there is so much on tape these days but there's also a ton of stuff that is it. It's not online. It's not written down on paper. Sometimes the people that might have been on tape there known in different ways than they are now and we don't even know they're around us. We don't know how to look them up. We don't know where to look them up. Maybe the only place they did exist is in the minds of people right now because of covert nineteen one of the things that people are thinking. A lot about is deaf and the importance of relationships. And if you've got the time you definitely have the skills you could be somebody who gets a lot of this important stuff. These stories this history. The intros in Altos of an old radio. Dj that we could all learn from. You could get that stuff on tape. Maybe it's from your family. Maybe it's from your friends. Maybe it is something that you could turn into a business. Think about that. We are on the edge of a lot of people. Dying people. Dial the time. James didn't die from Cova Nineteen. He died because he was old. He didn't take care of himself and one day. You're here and you've got these stories and you can share them with people and you can make friendships and the next day that's gone. It is gone. You can be the one to archive some of this with your skills with the equipment that you already have. You may be familiar with story core. This is an NPR show. They have a great APP. The story core APP that will guide you through a story core style interview. That's where people interview their family interview. Their friends interview people that they know and they get great interview. So if you're a little iffy on interviewing that's not the kind of podcast that you do. Sto Or Y. C. O. R. P. S. That's how you spell it. You can look up that APP. They will guide you through an interview. And maybe you just open up that Mike and let somebody talk. It doesn't have to be perfect to be meaningful. No real marketing device on this one but an opportunity for you. If you are looking to make money with your podcasting skills and definitely an opportunity for you to help humanity out so we don't lose some of the stuff

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