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Is the handshake dead?


It a symbol for the handshake is dad the handshake is not dead at least I hope not it's on hold temporarily until the world as well again welcome to the attic attrition Napier Fitzpatrick is founder of the etiquette school of New York I often say I teach knives and forks and hand shakes because that's how important handshakes are ingredients merry Jackson struggling engineering a good grip you have Danaher yes there is a proper technique when simply extends ones right arm toward the other person gripping web too well and you shake from the elbow one two two Smith pops holding firmly but not a bone crusher and not a limp noodle I once read about little remembered president Benjamin Harrison of the late nineteenth century a critic of his said he had a hand shake like a wilted petunia oh my you see the people remember your hand shakes the instrumental part of your first impression this is a very primal sort of a connection very emotional David givens is an anthropologist with Gonzaga university in Spokane Washington he says the handshake reaches back sixty million years to pansies and roses do much the same thing they they long for tactile contact they basically reach out with the forelimbs and especially with the poem so it's not an accident that we greet each other by shaking hands no because hands of all the neurological circuitry in emotional the parts that we need to make good contact with our fellow humans and throughout human history I haven't grasped that sealed the bargain the handshake it's been an expression of peace and forgiveness alas it is also as we've learned an excellent delivery vehicle for germs the casual handshake is pretty much of present a dead the formal handshake were closing a business deal this I think will remain but the the precautions beforehand you may even use a thin glove well to make the handshake Miriam radi the last Thursday of June is what national handshake day used to be anyway Miriam radi of Brody professional development in Jenkintown Pennsylvania he's such a fan of hand shaking she created national handshake day in two thousand four my personal pet peeve is the macho cowboy A. K. I don't want to hurt the little lady or or you know and you know I just want to kind of give you a little group here I demand respect and I would like a firm grip she knows that this June's celebration will have to be virtual I feel like if the handshake is gone that would be very sad for me personally but even if we can't touch David givens says we'll still use our hands what he calls our emotional smart parts to communicate good will and a good example is the plains Indian greeting where you raise your own home out in China the other person from a distance the eyes are going to be especially important now because that's how we're going to communicate warmth and trust perhaps we'll look to Asia for

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