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I'M SEAN FANTASY ANIMATED AVANCE. And this is the big picture conversation show about the best movies of the year so far which might just be the year in full hopefully not but normally at this time of year we'd handout out best of the year at the quarter. Turn Awards Amanda So. Let's just give out some awards in case we don't get a chance to do so down the road. How do you feel about the fact that we've only gotten three months of movies? And maybe that's all we're going to get a really dark way of thinking. I'm not really ready to do that. This early in the week. I think this is more an opportunity to appreciate some of the great movies that we have gotten and that maybe we wouldn't have spent as much time talking about as we are going to. And this podcast where you know making lemonade out of lemons etc. Can we go with that? I'm shocked by your optimism. Bill I appreciate it well time. I don't know all we're going to do is just make making podcast and keep watching movies. It's funny. I'm watching so many movies. Maybe more movies than I have ever seen in my life. I looked at letterbox over the weekend and I have watched one hundred and fifty movies in the year twenty twenty. I haven't watched one hundred fifty two thousand twenty releases but I've watched a lot an unusually high number and yet when I started putting together this list that you and I collaborated on for the best movies of the year and we're going to hand out the six key awards at the Oscars. Through the first three months. I found a lot of repetition and there was really only about twelve movies that I think I liked which is not great. How did you feel about the sleep that we had in front of US positive? In the fact that there are a lot of movies that I really love on this list and a lot of movies that again I think would get Kinda lost in their mind. Dump ury shuffle. And we wouldn't really get to talk about them at the end of the year. I it is true. I have been watching more movies. There's just like a lot of bad movies you know and I do feel like watching at home. I just become aware even more quickly. I'm just like Oh this isn't working for me and there is something that is transporting about the theater experience. Or you're just GONNA go along with the ride. You're you're willing to to buy in so but that's always been true there. We always talk about a lot of movies. That have interesting parts where I really liked this or didn't quite get there so I don't know I'm a glass half full person today. I don't know what that's about. I think it's because we're going to talk about AAA fire like for an hour and just say ct thanks to everyone who washed this weekend and let me know on twitter so whatever whatever we have to do whatever we have to do. But I am looking forward to that aspect of this guests. Yeah you hit on something that I've been thinking about as well. Which is that. I'm just more likely to tap out on something that I know isn't working for me now sitting at home and it's it's a I guess a bit ironic given that all we have is time. We have so much time to power through the bad movies. But if I'm like forty seven minutes into something that I know I'm not responding to it all I'll just turn it off. I'll just turn it off and I I never walk movies. You joked last week that I walked out of last Christmas. That's one of the only movies I've walked out of in the last ten years and I don't like to tap out on something even in a streaming environment but there's also something Pity lists about the movie watching experience right now where it's sort of like you know what life is in a very odd and discomfiting and weird place right now and so because of that. I can't bother with bullshit you know. There's there's there are a lot of masterpieces at our fingertips if we want them. So the idea of powering through another mediocre Netflix. Movie just doesn't seem like a good use of time. I do think that most of the things that we're going to talk about here are a great use of time now. Portrait of a lady on fire obviously will be a part of these nominations. I think a couple of these. Nominations are goofy. And we're trying to have fun with them. But for the most part we played it pretty straight. Would you agree yes? There are a couple. We had to fill out some categories. And that's okay at once again. Well this is actually not totally true. There are some categories where they've where we're featuring women very prominently. Which is really exciting. No spoilers but you know once again. It's not totally so far. Ben A robust year for movies about women. And I think we're also GONNA talk a little bit about what's to come in the rest of twenty twenty or what we think might come in two thousand Twenty Gonna. Tell you Sean. They're still not making a lot of movies about women. I don't know whether you notice that. So sometimes we were. Just some of these are trying to get to five. How about that in a festive way? It's funny you say that because I feel like they're not making a lot of mainstream movies about one but they are making a lot of independent films woman and I feel like a lot of the films that we chose here were of the more quote unquote independent variety. And that's been the best stuff and part of that is because of the thing that you pointed out this time of year. This first three months is usually not a banner period for great film releases. Every once in a while you get a get out in your life and that gets to dominate the movie world for those first three months but this year there have only been a couple of genuine hits and those hits have mostly been led by women which has been Nice. We'll talk about at least one of them here in this episode. But I wouldn't describe it as a good movie year in general let alone one for an episode like this. Nevertheless there is. There's some stuff I'm happy where it again a chance to go through here. I agree okay. Should we get into the categories? Let's do it so we're going to start with best supporting actress again. Six categories here. You Know I. I wouldn't say this has been a scientific vote. This was literally. Just what could I think of? And what could Amanda think of? We did a little bit of negotiating. A little bit of bartering here but it was pretty much just like I think these things were good. Hey We're an academy UNTO OURSELVES. Yes it was like oh. I remembered this and think that I could talk about it for a few minutes again. This is one of the categories where we had three pretty obvious ones and then we had to wear nominations and fake awards giving or an art just like let's making an art were here to hold your attention We're here to present around picture of the movie going experience. How about that? I think that's decent so I'm going to read our five nominees and we can. We can talk about them in loose terms and then we're GONNA have to make a decision on a winner live in time and we actually effectively communicate and agree on something like this in this format. Well there's only one answer that I'm going to accept in this category. I will actually throw my ear bites across the room and quit this podcast so sure. We can agree with those conditions okay. I'm going to read the nominees under those circumstances. Sonia Braga for Rile Kate del Castillo for bad boys for life. L. Fanning for all the Bright Adele HAENEL for portrait of a lady on fire and an inspired choice Elisa Schlesinger for Spencer confidential. Obviously the winner here is allies slesinger for her work with the Boston accent and Spencer financial. No I don't. This is one of the few categories that we probably need to do much debating on. I think that this you you came up with all of the fun ideas in this category. You came up with Kato Castio. Who gave just an absolutely incredible performance as a witch in bad boys for life? Love everything she did there. ELISA SLESINGER in an otherwise fairly bad spencer confidential movie provided. I thought pretty good comic relief as the the Bad Boston. Girlfriend of the Titular Spencer but of course Who's the winner? Here amid the winner is del for portrait of a lady on fire. I have spoken at great length about what adulthood means to me but in this performance. And you know. She's obviously been a movie star in a very accomplished actor in in France and in front of my for a very long time. So I'm a little Li to this party but I also just found this performance to be a revelation and an interesting thing about this movie which I hope we can talk more about. Is that you know. This movie is interested in the the the female gaze but also just how we look at people and how a work of captures a person and whether that person can be captured entirely in a painting of film and what we remember about someone but it is also just about the fact that some people just really capture your eye and I literally couldn't look away from this person.

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