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Hello Hello Welcome to sheep. I guess I am just a cup for many of you are watching or listening for the first time. That's me this. Is She podcast? Episode to sixty four with my co-host. Lc as Khobar and our producer. John Jim Ingo. How are you guys doing today? Not to ridicule any news whatsoever about anything at all. I mean podcasting but like other like personal stuff. Well Easter was exciting. I did a drive by dinner. How while because I went to my ex this house and then because I'm not going in because they go to work and everything they brought dinner out so the kind of we set like six feet apart and they talked and I had dinner and it was weird. It was really weird. Bonnie says it's a facebook privacy thing about stream yard. They can't see your name unless you grant them permission right and I guess people just don't do it right so no or do they want in that point. A lot of them don't wanted grant permission right so but see. This is a facebook private group so we can see them in here anyhow. This isn't GonNa go. This video is not going anywhere I get it. It's not a big deal. Oh so elsie. So yes Jessica and I figured out something today that I can't believe I didn't think of this. Oh God Jessica has the adobe suite so she has adobe audition okay so one of the things. We've always had problems with his she uses quicktime and some so. She has adobe audition she can record right into addition and we've never used it in two hundred sixty four episodes. Why is that that is so card yet? Dum Dum Dum Dorky. It's Kinda Dorky. Right Kinda dark. You must have known that I've had it though right. No I wouldn't have put to do together because the thing is though just you wanted to break up with adobe suite so many separate times true and not one of the Times that. We've had a discussion about your break-up the possible break-up with adobe suite has audition ever come into the conversation that's never part of your everyday. It's just you know photoshop. Right so we use that to record her instead of quicktime and it would be so much easier and so much better and we would always know that the Mike correctly picked all the good stuff. I am so happy. Yes and we can also add to the track. We can also add compression because just could really her voice can really use compression so that you can do all of that. Pre like Yes prefixed prefixed. For her right so right now on excited like like a kid right before. Christmas. Because I'm excited because when we get off here we're going to make an appointment. We're going to go through this thing. I'm sure there'll be a lot of yelling and hollering there. Yes probably I noticed that I do have an issue when I'm trying to describe and do things when I can't see. It frustrates me when I can't see the other person's what they're doing. It frustrates me and I've been doing a lot of that lately for different clients and stuff as they set up to record in their home. Oh okay yes I need. I need to calm down. I need to be able to breathe through that. I need some kind of yoga breathing. Technique to center my Chee. Said what are you Senator Senator? Something we can just give you just can send Isaac. I can send may May and you can get through them. Then you'll find yours end. You know it's like a living. We'll be like here deal with her for a bit and then leave work through. That had four under the age of four. I know but you haven't. When was the last time? Oh well that's true. This is what I'm saying. It's like there's a practice I know when I'm in I'm in my sixties or seventies and somebody tells me how to deal with a four year five eight year old. I'm not I'm not going to be adapted. I've been like you know. Been out of it for awhile. I'm over. Yeah it's like it's forgotten like I don't even want to think about when they were infants. I don't I know Yeah No. I don't really like the idea of taking my clients and comparing them to eight year old child. I just. That's not the way it is that feeling. Oh the tenseness in the chest and the tightening in the chest he so we have some like communications. Lets say why. Don't we just acknowledge the folks and just to let everybody know that we are as of now for the past few episodes? We as in the sheep. Podcast team has been recording directly into the sea. Podcast super squad. Which is our Patriot community. So you guys can kind of watch. Us Record live in there. We're going to do the show as always Joe. Johns GonNa do post production and everything but we do have a live chat so we have some people there. We have Bonnie and we have Masai Lena. We have tiffany Humboldt who. She just actually posted that. She's. She wore her flower crown from she. Podcasts live during during the Hardcore Mermaid. Show on Friday. That's amazing that's so cool. And then she. She's asking him. What version of Stream Yard? We are using John. This question is for you. Well stream yards a web application. So you don't have to update it so I don't know what version I know what? She's talking about tiffany. You can only record stream yard if you're a pro client pay for that So in order for you to to be able to record and download your files you have to be if you are not a pro then all you can do is stream. So you have the capability to stream. I don't know how many hours for you know. I don't think anybody needs more hours to stream. But that those are all pro functionalities one of the things that Justin I also wanted to do was to do a double streaming stream to hear and to the podcast main group or to the podcast page. And we can't also can't do that unless you're pro so if you're a pro you can. I think you can Cross post to two places at once. We have done that and if we ask. Yeah have the option of two. Yeah Yeah if you're did you upgrade it Ogden profile? I've been down. No I know I know John Is. Yeah but you know I didn't know. Yeah Yeah you can only do the same time. Yeah no no basic no base. It used to be. I think way back right. John like right windstream yard. I started loud. Yeah they allow for yet when it was in. Beta. That's right. They did allow for for recording and downloading but once they opened it up. Then that's what you pay for. May GotTA STAY IN BUSINESS. Somehow and you want him to be able to stay in business. I mean it is an amazing platform. Yeah we're streaming. You know I'm telling you right now. Once they decide if they can record audio as separate separate tracks right they will be a force in podcasting. I don't know if they ever get there yet but still

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