Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reveal the secret to their healthy sex life


So first I'm gonna start with the headline that Kelly ripa and mark Consuelo as have revealed the secret to their healthy sex life great nice great I love this what is that they did radio shack I think that's probably it I think that's usually just it really yeah baby she says the longest that they went without sex was when Marcus Willis was in Australia for seven months but Kelly rip it did come to visit him in the middle of his trap and that that has been a big part of their relationship good question what if you ask yeah I think he just I mean I don't know what the question was because I didn't listen to the whole radio show I'm just reading it they were he was asking about their relationship and how their relationship has survived you know it's a long entertainment marriage right yeah I think I have a hard time with them I'm not saying I'm not approved by any stretch and I don't think you know I think that there are benefits to talking frankly about sex but often in this case and also the case of like Suzanne Somers at cetera sex life is a sex life for a couple is whatever works for the couple true and so when you buy a share those details of your sex life it's not it seems always to me that it's more about what other people will perceive about your relationship than it is about giving information that's useful and helpful for other people that makes sense yeah that might be fair I mean I think Suzanne Somers is always trying to you know take the taboo out of it especially as women age and helping women who are in their sixties and seventies still feel like they can be their best

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