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Thursday, March 12th, 2020



Begin your day. It's Pricey in and the moon moves through Scorpio bringing a strong watery signature to the skies although planet stack up Earth Signs. Leaving you with an opposition to contend with recently you may have built momentum in your career or around a passion project finding productivity as you never experienced. You'll be remiss to allow progress to slow but you could feel like you really need a break. Trust that you're good. Habits are here to stay Saj. You can take a moment of respite as needed Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Pisces season focuses your attention towards home your ancestry in routes if there are lingering family issues. They're likely to come to a head. Now you could also experience realizations around your own family goals or the people you consider kin be open to. What comes your way today allowing for change. You consider the work you do and your career planets persist in your second house feeding your ambition trust for working toward will help you in the long run. This is the path that is right for you Sagittarius today is a daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine if you're interested in learning more about your sign. Download the sanctuary up from the apple APP store or Google play for personalized birth chart reading and follow sanctuary at sanctuary world on instagram. That's S. ANC T. U. A. R. Y. W. R. L. D. Horoscope. Today is a podcast original..

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