Gonzaga wins WCC title over Saint Mary's


Time in the last ten years every time overall to the west coast conference you did you R. J. is that is Thomas in Learfield IMG college Jim kelch kelch on on the the Norse Norse radio radio network network Chris Chris shop shop within within the the colonials colonials radio radio network network and and Pat Pat foster foster from from Hofstra Hofstra radio radio calls calls pope pope give give zagra zagra winning winning the west coast northern Kentucky winning the horizon new by the way northern Kentucky was the nor cal level they've been an atomic three last four years so I knew DA I love this they are gone they are the worst it's like the Viking but it's like a Viking helmet of the two sorts I love this northern Kentucky Norse Robert Norris won the NEC and Hofstra won the C. A. A. not included in the audio montage was North Dakota state the buys in they throttled North Dakota eighty nine fifty three to win their second straight summit

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