2020 NFL rule changes proposed by four teams: Onside kicks alternative, extra officials and more


So the NFL has unveiled six proposed rule changes for the twenty twenty season one of them involving a big change to the onside kick rule how efficiently the Philadelphia Eagles submitted this proposal so why will both take away I mean it's sad well sure but it does seem to have widespread support instead of kicking off the team that just scored they get the ball back on their own twenty five yard line whether it's fourth and fifteen right so one play if they convert they keep the ball if they don't they turn it over right there on downs deep in their own territory which is a big gamble yeah yeah well I figured that the the odds of making that fourth and fifteen read about the same as the odds of recovering an onside kick sure I have it figured I like it another rule change would call for a mandatory review of all scoring plays called back because of a penalty any penalty holding motion hands to the face the officials would review the video to make sure there really was a penalty on right handed I did be interesting to see what they

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