2020 NCAA Tournament Round-Up


Basketball conference tournament action the big east of the garden St John seventy five Georgetown sixty two the red storm closed the game on a twenty three oh run the ball ball got got by by Xavier Xavier seventy seventy one one sixty sixty seven seven route route two two with with the the ACC ACC Syracuse Syracuse clobbered clobbered North North Carolina Carolina eighty eighty one one fifty fifty three three Notre Notre Dame Dame beats beats Boston Boston College College earlier earlier wins wins for for Clemson Clemson and and NC NC state eight ten at the Barclay center forty by twenty over George Washington George Mason by seven over St Joe's the Atlantic ten announcing that the rest of their conference tournament will be played with no fans in attendance at the mac quarterfinal St Peter's by two over Iona Siena with a fourteen point victory over Manhattan patriot league final B. U. over Colgate sixty four sixty one for the automatic and see a a dead

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