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Valerie Cincinnati paid her boyfriend. Seven thousand dollars to hire a hit man and kill his teenage daughter and her husband but she had no choice. What was she supposed to do? Try and take them out herself. She was in New York City. Police officer that's a good way to get yourself fired or at least on desk duty but that was twenty nineteen and she's had to change apart since then after folding prison laundry for a year last month she really really tried to be released on bail using the corona virus as an excuse to get back in front of a judge because too but the judge had good reason to roll his eyes and refuse in the words of the. Us Attorney in Brooklyn. The evidence in this case is overwhelming. Hey I'm amy and every Sunday Wednesday. Were here recapping. The story behind a true crime headline so. Let's get to it Valerie. Cincinnati paid her boyfriend seven thousand dollars to hire a Hitman and kill his teenage daughter and her husband. Did you get that because I had to read it a few times before? I believe what I was saying. She paid her boyfriend to have her ex husband killed because she was deep into a custody dispute with him over their son and she wanted him dead so she didn't have to share her. Nypd pension or her son with him and she was paying her boyfriend to have her boyfriend zone. Fifteen year old daughter killed because she was getting in the way. What offering to pay for your boyfriend to have his own daughter killed. Seems like a real dating. Don't but apparently Valerie thought he'd be into the idea. He was not because after she outlined the plant he right away immediately told the feds started wearing a wire when he was with her allegedly because her trial hasn't started yet but allegedly her boyfriend. John Rubel took Valerie seven grand and used it to buy five ounces of gold coins to pay the Hitman gold coins. Remember the days when you could just hand hitman cash and they do the job now you got to exchange the money for magic beans and give them those. It's just it's so complicated but Valerie says she was just giving John the money to buy gold coins. What's the problem? But let's just say that the cops the better the other cops that they're right and Valerie was using those gold coins to buy a couple of murders which did not happen by the way everyone save except Valerie. She should drop the soap in the shower anytime soon but she was trying to hire a contractor to kill. These people does not sound like she was very easy to work for according to court documents when she was told the Hitman was at her ex-husband's office in Long Island said he should be killed in the hood or the ghetto instead so it would not look suspicious and when she learned. This hitman didn't WanNA murder teenage daughter near her school. She said runner the F over. How about that K- and then when a few weeks went by and her husband and this poor teenage girl weren't dead. She asked the obvious question. Why was this whole murder-for-hire thing taking so long but then cheap further micromanage the process by telling her boyfriend to have the Hitman kill the girl his daughter over the weekend and then wait a week or a month to kill her husband so it wouldn't look suspicious and she should know because she's a police officer a police officer at this point law enforcement had had enough and they decided to give her what she wanted? A dead husband stood in my car glass on the floor and all over me and had me hunch over into the peasants and it's a picture that was that like Earth craziest experience. Yeah after she saw the pictures and the police told her he was dead. Her boyfriend recorded her discussing what her fake alibi could be if she was questioned about it. If these allegations proved to be true in the yearbook this girl would definitely be voted most likely to be arrested for being dirty cop kind of a not so smart super dirty cop at that among other damning Internet searches. She Google the phrase. If your ex dies do you have to share your whole pension? She might as well been googling. Dump things criminals due to get themselves convicted. She was a twelve year veteran of the NYPD. Working as a domestic violence officer in Queens. And that's where she met her boyfriend John Baruba in two thousand seventeen while she was working case. He's been called her sugar daddy in the press. Now he was fifty four. She was thirty four at the time and he paid her and Bill. So yeah yeah that tracks but then he got her suspended when he reported to internal affairs that she was hanging out at his house when she was supposed to be on duty protecting serving but then they got back together. Their relationship is not surprisingly described as volatile. Of course Jon is an exactly choirboy either. He allegedly threatened to shoot a guy over fifty four thousand dollar diamond ring in January twenty nineteen and was bragging about supposed ties he had to the Gambino Crime Family. He was also very proud of his friendships. With a couple of the actors who played mobster on the Sopranos so for Guy who seemed to be such a mobster wannabe. How ironic is it? That the first thing he did was drop a dime on his girlfriend. Of course if you ask Valerie's family they believe it was John who set the whole thing up to framer and speaking of her family at the time. She was arrested. Her brother was an FBI agent two months after she was arrested he committed suicide but again she insists she's innocent. Prosecutors say Valerie did her best to try and get rid of the evidence they believe. She destroyed to cell phones and deleted texts. But even without those phones. It's pretty hard to argue with wire. Tape recordings isn't it does not look great for you girl. Her trial was supposed to start on April twentieth. But it's been postponed while her legal team. Sifts through thousands of pages of text and calls between her her boyfriend and her ex-husband if she's convicted. She faces ten years for each of the two attempted murder for hire accounts and twenty years for obstruction of justice. I have a feeling this is going to be it for

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