An Interview with 'Clinton Cash' Author Peter Schweizer


Show and Peter how are you I'm great bill great to be with you now let's talk about the the book and I would note that down whenever I Google you and it comes up saying the controversial author of the massive cellar Clinton cash your controversial step back from this I look at that I look at Republicans bush forty one knew bush forty three left office know monetization one on Reagan left office he went to his ranch and now trump is actually cost them money in office what is it and the progressive mindset and this is in the mindset of libertarians are conservatives or moderates the progressive mindset says we got to monetize we got to make serious money what is there in the mindset that causes out to transpire well I think in the progressive mindset if you serve in government you're you're engaged and angelic behavior I mean you're you're you're not being selfish and greedy like people in the private sector and with that comes a sense of entitlement so in a sense that that that that you're deserving of data center you see this I mean you know we we broke the story on Joe Biden hunter Biden you know the million dollar your sweetheart deal hunter got from Ukrainians literally three weeks after Joe Biden his father as vice president is appointed point person on Ukraine policy Joe Biden says oh it looks bad but there's nothing wrong with it why because in Joe Biden's mind he is serve the public I'll put that in quotation marks since nineteen seventy two and his family deserves it so the idea is I'm I'm getting things for you it's time for me to monetize my fame and fortune thanks to that character the amazing thing to me is there sits in the oval office Barack Hussein Obama he sends Joe Biden to be in charge of Ukraine quickly his son starts making three million dollars over three years about eighty thousand a month and and and Joe Biden's mine and bomb is mine it wasn't appropriate for Joe Biden is ceda hunter hunter who's got it a sordid past you can't do that when I'm over here to get rid of corruption in Ukraine one hundred did was participate in it why didn't Obama stop yeah you didn't stop it because either he didn't care or you didn't have a full picture and I think it's just that he didn't care and what they keep saying that you people don't understand about the binds it's it's not just hunter and it's not just you crane hunter ran a veritable United Nations of corruption he did deals in China he deals in Kazakhstan deals an area he had no expertise no background any took in the money and we know that because we have the bank records related to a a corruption case involving hunter by his business partner but even more than that bill you have what I call the Biden fives and I talk about this in the book the Biden chapter seventy pages long five members of the Biden family only one of those being hunter cashed in while he was vice president you got his brother James whose father Frank his sister Valerie and his daughter Ashley's husband they all cashed in on sweetheart deals while Joe was vice president if systematic corruption when you're talking about the blinds about two weeks ago headline FBI recently rates business connected to James Biden Joe Biden's brother F. B. I. sounds like more trouble the company in question americorps holdings acquires and manages real hospitals declared bankruptcy in December now the F. B. I.'s raiding the home of the CEO of the company grand white and also others that that doesn't seem to be any interest by the FBI or by others to go after the Clintons the binds the Obamas what is their structurally in the mind of the F. B. I. I'm not talking the ninety nine percent I mean the one percent at the main base and justice the art of Robert F. Kennedy building what is there in their mind that we look for reasons to exonerate the Democrats but we look for reasons to implicate the Republicans what is what I think a lot of a bill has to do with what I call the permanent political class I mean Joe Biden is is you know he's older now but he's basically been a permanent fixture in Washington for forty years a guy like Donald Trump is going to calm I don't don trump's gonna stay in Washington DC when he leaves the White House he's gonna leave so there's a club atmosphere is by bipartisan it's the permanent political class and the reason that you don't have some Republicans warning to investigate Joe Biden is either their family is involved in some level of similar activity order hoping to at some point so this kind of the unwritten rule that we don't go after a prominent political figures and that's the reason we need to be shouting this from the rooftops we need to exposing it because here's the thing voters care about this stuff it's the reason I'm convinced that trump won in twenty sixteen and even though I think Bernie's ideas are are completely wrong for the country what's fueling his candidacy is the same anger at the corrupt establishment in Washington DC if if something universal on both sides of the aisle let's talk about your work on Bernie Sanders until your research about the hundreds of tens of millions of dollars to a mysterious company linked to his wife many thought he was a socialist who wants a revolution let's face it is a communist he wants the by violent means overthrow the United States government which is the definition of a revolution he wants fundamental change he wants the U. S. government to seize the assets of hospitals oil companies pharmaceuticals and so one would think that a guy like that is not really concerned about money he's a Ben and Jerry kind of a guy but in reality what did you find about how Bernie Sanders monetize socialism for his benefit but not ours you mentioned you know that that that sort of this is is a you know communist leanings I mean it's like the old Brezhnev stays in the Soviet Union you had them talking about world while pollution in the proletariat but they all had five deals in corrupt deals live like kings and Bernice case you know he's worth millions of dollars some of that came from writing books he's actually written more books and he's actually introduced pieces of legislation that if passed but a lot of people don't realize it more than half a million dollars of his own campaign funds have gone to buying his own book but the bigger the bigger issue bill is this this this dirty little secret about washing call media buying and and Bernie Sanders's latched on to this yeah if you were running for the Senate in the state of Ohio and you said Peter I want you to do my media buys by my TV and radio I get a commission of C. off of that it could be anywhere from ten to fifteen percent goes to the media buyer in the beauty of it is that doesn't show up anywhere in Federal Election Commission records you don't know who the media buyers well here's what Bernie did she saw this and what did he do when he started running for Congress left of the Senate he put his wife in charge of the media by which means she's got the commission even though she had no background in advertising and media buying any of this stuff so we know that she and Bernie we received hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing that and the great mystery comes to the twenty sixteen election will Bernice dropped eighty three million dollars on media buys so that means the commission somewhere between eight million and twelve million dollars where did it go well it went through a company called old town media old town media did not have a website did not have other clients it was registered to a home in the coldest sack in suburban Virginia all in the two owners of old town media were long time friends of James Sanders yeah he was after she heard Jane was asked about this by a progressive reporter in twenty sixteen what do you know about old town media do you have any connection to old town media and are you involved in this in any way and according to the professor reporter Jane Sanders just hung up the phone room of what happened to the twelve million dollars who got the media commission on that we just don't know what it's million ends is a little bit of money he monetizes the campaign so those are contribute to thirty six dollars each to the to the Sanders campaign have got to understand that goes into a pot and out of the pot comes all the media buys and that's how the Sanders family gets paid yeah and then the other thing that I think people need to know is that you know Bernie Sanders has been very clear cut in people calling the left kind of you Mister John the Baptist progressive movement why he's out of eating locusts and honey well you know he's worth millions of dollars he actually has an investment portfolio and when you look at his investment portfolio I hate to break this to you bill I know this is going to shock you he's not invested in like renewable energy companies he's not invested in you know some organic farm I mean he's invested in fortune five hundred stock that's where his investment portfolio is it's not a socially responsible investment fund that's where his investments are in when you set up you know we bought his third home the vacation home they set it up in the trust precisely to avoid paying some taxes so you know Bernie Sanders is not John the Baptist use is is more like a qualified king Herod at least in the way that is that he handles his investments in his own money let's move on to Lizabeth Warren she is picturing yourself as a every woman she knows exactly how you live your life she spent time a course in Oklahoma and then and she monetized her so called Indian heritage and I probably have more Indian blood to me than she does she use all along but you have great reporting on how she a really bad millions of dollars from corporations even though she rants and raves against corporate America how to Elizabeth Warren maker money our records network is around twelve million dollars they pay well at Harvard Law School they don't pay that well so the question becomes how did you make that money and so we re traced this we went through and found that in the mid nineteen nineties Elizabeth one was hired by the U. S. Congress and paid by us the taxpayers to help Congress to rewrite some of the bankruptcy laws okay she's a lawyer that makes sense they hire her they tend to do this whole ideas are incorporated into the bankruptcy code then what does she do bill she goes to large corporations Dow chemical and others and says you hire me as a consultant and I will help you navigate around the law I actually wrote genius is very corrupt moves and other people in Washington is done have done this she's denounced other people that have done this but she ended up working for Dow chemical Armstrong world wide a whole host of large corporations who are facing class action lawsuit towards and she was helping them minimize their exposure that's obvious a legitimate thing to do but the fact that she says I've been fighting for the little guy my entire life is simply not true she made millions of dollars helping the big guy large corporations slip out of responsibilities as it related to people who were damaged by the products those companies have produced you don't fall a few nights ago I'm watching Chris Matthews every now and then is a lucid moment and he was ranting and raving about socialism the evil socialism is because all over the world any referenced Ohio senator Sherrod brown that Sherrod brown is the kind of person that we need there because he looks after the little guys a union guy so Sherrod brown is being promoted by the mainstream media as kind of Bernie Sanders light and you've investigated were weren't shared brown gets his money from where is it that's very interesting shirt brown he always been in public life since you graduate from college he ran for the state legislature he listed himself he was still a senior at Yale when he ran for office he listed himself bill as a farmer under our occupation I don't know what kind of form he

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