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Bitcoins Chance To Lead


Welcome to the Crypto podcast hope. You're well Roddy. What's happened not well? As same market tumble action not so much encrypted but certainly certainly in the Nankai markets and. Here's something that I've got to say. Here is a theory a foot view from me. Bitcoin was set up for the back of the JC kind. That's really what kicked this puppy off to give papal another option. Something to hedge themselves to have. That's outside of the traditional a financial sector. The Central Bank will that we currently live in now. Hazmat concern if we say bitcoin coupling and correlating with that of traditional markets It's really hurt bitcoin. Here's the reason why it was set up to be separate to that mockup now if it becomes one and the same with that market useful is it for spending not so much That might change. That can change. But let's be fair. It's mostly speculation. All right mostly people to hold a huddle as the huddle is coal up. So if in the markets ton of nayed individuals of the world's ton of Nayed there was to be a safe haven. Full the money to go to if of course we say this corona virus continue to kicking and cause an another massive sell off if they quit doesn't step up to the plight then it's caught a foul. Its first test unless things can file forever but it will filed its first test and I say that is a very good thing because of course we haven't had bitcoin during a global financial cross this top event we haven't had in a major downturn simply because we haven't had imagined downturn since the AFC. Okay which is quite astronomical when you consider that. Spain twelve years or so. I think that that's being well over Joan. This could be as I've said a couple of times. The brakes the Bulls back We could actually say the markets come up quite heavily and steadily for quite some more time yet but with that being said we never really doing. We never really not my concern. Is that if we don't say bitcoin become somewhat of a haven of all risk palatable opportunity for those out Saudi crypto to manage portfolios. Then it's going to really really affect the you know how how quickly the future of Bitcoin will take hall now. That's not to say that it would kill it notable. Not suggesting that foot. For one minute blockchain's an extraordinary technology. Bitcoin is still available. Is still valuable of course for the rest of the markets than and especially if all goes on gold is up today. Three percent silt was up three percent. If we goldenseal these more traditional assets thought to play their pot like bonding plying bonds of being the tenure notes like one less than one percent yield. I believe for the first time ever. If we would say would say this. Play out the way that traditional markets play and allow which is yield's decreasing bonds increasing in value as a safe haven for money and gold increasing. That it really does Nagai any need for Bitcoin Apart from speculation. And that's not what I want to say. I want to see a lot more money coming into the market and has got to give people an opportunity to do so. I think that right. Now we have a wonderful wonderful time We've got the period of time rot now with. Bitcoin can really stand up and be counted. He can you imagine bitcoin. Moving higher as the global financial markets. Continue to full low. That would be two fingers in the air that would be bitcoin scientology cy. That would be massive absolutely massive full bitcoin itself and for anyone who's insulted crypto rotten and of course for me. I am a try to first and foremost fourteen years. I've been trying to digital markets as well as less two and a half years has been exclusively in crypto assets. That's what takes people how to do this now. Starting to say the volatility the is the reason why focus on Crypto at the moment with saying that volatility in traditional markets traditional markets of course have absolutely fine getting a pounding Mikhail sane once again of the Fed come out with emergency stimulus options with with the decreasing of the interest. Right there have not unexpected announcement that they brought out on. Strike the same thing yesterday. minimizing the interest rate on the landing right rotten To its lowest levels of up. We awesome stimulus starting to come back into play here. And the strategy of central banks and and different countries is to try and show the strength but in actual fact it's had the opposite effect. I was around when they cut the libel ride. The discount window full length banks lending to each other back in two thousand two dozen. I will join up pretty sure it was two thousand and night Longtemps Guy. Now and the market soared. Think a think we did we sort of volatility Foley AP appreciate did find During that period that was around the bottom we steadily came back with not steadily. Wadley started to swing around but we did end up coming back from there. So where are we now? What we've been we've Sane. The stimulus attempt will the attended stimulus. Actually having a negative effect on the market by the Mafia guy will hang on a second. It's really that bad then. Maybe we should be exiting the market. If the Fed is willing to cut the right then Jeez you know maybe it is something that we should be very concerned about. Not a higgledy-piggledy virus It's actually the unraveling all the financial markets as we know them right now. That sounds very very brewed. I not But you know the short term might see some very very severe pullbacks and it wouldn't be uncommon to see a forty percent pullback. That's sort of thing we saw that loss. Jeff say so it's had a a negative effect on the markets coup bounce back tomorrow. This is the reason that I focus on. Crypto guys because that's sort of volatility for try to like may is Tom's when you make your money to two thousand seventy eight. Gmc Definitely made me as I try to I went through all that and I'll be waiting for the same. Swell found crypto and that volatility is. They're very very frequently for example today. Bitcoin is sitting down one point. Five percent which is half of that of what the Dow was down now right now as it stands where eight thousand seven hundred eighty two dollars per bitcoin. The market is holding a Ryan Already rang sorry. It's holding in an area that I call the Kreider our and this area right now. Well we're GONNA dial you down trim to wake up to. What are we going to say? Well I don't know something very very very cautious Onto a theory of now to two hundred and twenty four dollars and sixty four cents down three point. Three percent as it stands. The thing is holding its ground in that. Criollos are waiting to see what goes on. Of course try to. We don't always try when it'd be focusing on what is and where we can when we can use the strategies that we employ now employ three trading strategies they'll teach try to call dot com. Check it out. There's a free stuff there if you wish except plays at twenty three cents down to thirty five percent right now sitting in that deadly down a guy sitting in limbo for the time being no real confirmation of trend for me at this stage to familiar willingly but yet the long going short for that matter patients is my program three Cy three hundred and thirty dollars and ninety cents which is down two point five nine percent on Bitcoin cash pretty ugly looking out there as well. Best is pushed down through that two hundred and fifty three dollars. Seventy mach which is a level of support currently two hundred and forty eight thousand ninety six sense that has us down two to three percent lot. Twenty two and a half percent rotten out sixty one dollars and sixteen cents full eos three dollars and sixty four cents down two percent as it stands bonds down one point six five percent nineteen dollars and fifty four cents holding in that range in that cried. We'll have to wait and see what goes on lighter in the trading die for that. Katana is coming up with support. A four point five cents just about four point six to be fair. It's a four-point it. Its down point of a theory of Classic Beautiful Little Cradle in the candle cradles on the daily problem as it's not looking very bearish right now. Which is one of the rules of a half within that trading strategy big year for Theorem classic but it has come off quite a bit with sitting idle. Forty two cents down half percent. Tron is at one point seven cents down one point eight three percent as to round out the top ten in the cryptocurrency mockup..

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