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It was a hundred ten hundred twenty thousand people strong yeah every single person in the arena was the biggest cricket arena in India they were all wearing hats that said no mas the trump yeah so a hundred ten hundred twenty adoring a brown people it's kind of reasons president we have what the problem though for Donald Trump is a major problems along more he is so revered and beloved there again during you know six figures but though here only sixteen percent of American Indian people actually vote for president trump voted for him in twenty sixteen but since then well we'll see it's been a big huge difference I will point out nobody else will point this out I don't think did these the the the people the Indians who love the president they're all Hindus none of them are Muslims he is with the Hindus big time and Hindus love it because they have the same problem that we have with Muslim terrorism and that's why we're aligned it among many other reasons trade deals the fact that we want to do arms deals with them and shut out the Russians who was supposedly want president trump to return to office which is ridiculous no we have a lot in common but the Muslim terrorism problem is a huge huge thing and that's why we have that that alliance so president trump and the First Lady like party just said landing in a draw and on the red carpet on the way to the Taj Mahal the bunker was waiting for Jared Kushner was waiting for him and what's the irony here is that here is Donald Trump and his wife on his way to visit the Taj Mahal for the big toward yeah