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Brody, Living Your House And Flu discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


Morning show. Yeah nate is out today he said I got a couple of sniffles. I'm GONNA stay home. I think that's the smart thing to do if I had a couple of marquee. If I had a couple of sniffles I would say hey. I'm not coming in in. Of course number one is safety. I don't WanNa get anyone sick. If God forbid. Have something that you could get in. I mean way beyond corona virus. I mean just a cold flu whatever. This is not the time to get other people sick because everyone needs to be as healthy as possible right now but also. I don't want to scare anyone. That's another thing if you go to work. And even though everyone's healthy they never ever get one little iota of a piece of sickness from you right but just you walk in through sniffling and coughing. It scares people it makes people uneasy. So there's that factor. Yeah I can't take it outside of the corona virus when I hear people coughing and sniffling and sneezing around me. I'm like get away terrible. Won't catches it all the time. I'm sorry brody catches it from me all the time. As soon as I hear him coffers sniffle brought to get away get away. He's right behind you guys. Have you have scary behind you and you have brody behind you? You guys have people behind you all the time. That's the worst well. Luckily my guy scary. He's typically very healthy. Your guy brought he up all the time I know the thing is is even though he's closer to you. He's not far away from me. What froggy. What's up? Yesterday I was walking into a restaurant and get something quick to eat and right as I was approaching the door. The person in front of me sneeze. This giant sneeze grabbed the door handle and open the door and walked in thought. Not going to go home and eat turned around. Got Back in my car. When I'm not walking through the Sneeze Hayes no way you know it's it's it's so important to remember you. You have to pay attention to every little move you make up. You know what I'm saying everything you do if you sneezing your hand. Don't grab a door handle 'cause I I could see like eight people behind you in to get out the door of a restaurant use knees put your hand on the on the door open and it closes and they're all standing there looking at each other like I'm not an opening now. I'M NOT GONNA do have to stay here and wait until someone pushes it. Open that we could leave one way when somebody sneezes around you and doesn't sneeze into their elbow or cover their sneezed. You guys hold your breath because I do. I do what I do is i. Try to envision their exhaling or whatever they sneezed is you can see it so I try to stay out of that trail. Yup and look. I know a lot of people are thinking. Well maybe you guys are all over thinking it. Maybe you're all panicking. I don't think we're in a panic at all. I think this is the way we should be living our lives all the time. It's better to be safe food. And maybe maybe if anything if this thing just goes away eventually hopefully soon if anything we've all learned a new way to live our lives and that's being a little careful a little more careful with our germs in other people's Journal what's scary. I've noticed whatever. Go Out to one of these stores. I know I saw that. There's no soap on any of the shelves or the hyper allergenic. All that stuff is all gonna liquid bacterial you all the bacteria but it leads me to believe. Wait a second so that means we weren't washing our hands all this time because the shells were always full and now all of a sudden empty so does that mean who's definitely more attention to it and people are stockpiling is well. I can't tell you how many cans of beans and how much rice I have in my house. I love engine right now on Rice. They say you need to be on the seventy two hour plan. You need to be able to lock your door in Living Your House for seventy two hours. I'm fine Firoz. Disney plus now range.

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Brody, Living Your House And Flu discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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