Boston: Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict In Death Of Emerson College Student


A Suffolk County grand jury has decided not to indict in the death of an Emerson College student WBZ's Tina god joins us live now with that story good morning Tina our good morning to you yeah the marine who is under investigation in the death of Daniel hall is will not be indicted the grand jury voted on this yesterday the US marine corps reserves had named lance corporal Samuel London as a marine allegedly involved in Hollis has died last year after getting into a fight in Austin Hollis was a hope deal high school graduate he was also a member of Emerson college's lacrosse team he died after hitting his head while reportedly trying to break up a fight between a group of his friends and another group this all happened back in September twenty eighth twenty nineteen he was hospitalized for days as a result of his brain injuries and died a few days later on October second Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins says the investigation that preceded a grand jury's vote was incredibly thorough and painstakingly detailed meanwhile Hollis is family says they're in shock and still have many concerns and questions about what exactly

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