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Trump, President And CDC discussed on Liberty Talk Programming


Deadline I'm Jane Metzler fox news president trump had hoped the nation's churches would be full on Easter Sunday that's two weeks from today but after hearing from the nation's medical experts the president says he realizes the corona virus outbreak in this country is not about to end anytime soon we will be extending our guidelines to April thirtieth to slow the spread on Tuesday will be finalizing these plans and providing a summary of our findings supporting data and strategies to the American people the updated U. S. case counts more than one hundred thirty five thousand that's more than any other country we've been doing more test test than any other country anywhere in the world it's one of the reasons that we have more cases than other countries because we've been testing is also one of the reasons that we just about the lowest in terms of we're telling the rate because we've been doing more testing so we have bigger numbers to look at at the president's request the CDC issuing a travel advisory for New York New Jersey and Connecticut nearly sixty thousand cases in New York nearly half the U. S. total with nearly a thousand deaths so far Dr Anthony Fauci predicting more than two hundred thousand fatalities before this outbreak winds down which president trump predicts will happen in early June actually means that fans in morning Joe Jesse diagnosed with corona virus just last week died today in Nashville he had eighteen top ten hits in the nineties five topping the charts including prop me up beside the jukebox if I die the Tulsa native was sixty one hospitalized in critical condition with code nineteen symptoms folk.

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Trump, President And CDC discussed on Liberty Talk Programming

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