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Three weeks so they have tracks these


One case of leave Greeley county was the last one so now all fifteen counties have at least one case of covert nineteen and there are twenty confirmed deaths in the state the good news in that is we are ahead of the curve look at New York they're saying New York City along with LA will be shot down through the end of may at least in New York over seven hundred cops the new numbers they were predicting would be by the bike today there would be over nine hundred cops in the NYPD are cold nineteen positive which would mean there are almost as many cops in New York as total cases in Arizona near Arizona one Phoenix police officers covert nineteen positive that we know of now these numbers could increase in the next couple of weeks but if the rest of the nation as the president said we are expecting to see a peak of things yeah around Easter if the rest of the nation is peaking at Easter when will Arizona peak what were we ahead of New York it seems as if we've been ahead of New York and Florida in LA as far as getting a week or two which makes all the difference in the world out in front of this the criticism that the governor and whether or not to criticism or a question that is still a valid question should the governor B. requiring a bigger or broader shut down the governor believes you know we are basically already shut down this is what the governor had to say about a state wide shut down every road right outside lately I mean I think the the state has shut down I think most people are indoors we want the essential services the people who need to be out there every guidance that we're putting out there every actualization of an order he is with the guidance of CDC centers for disease control and prevention yeah and that's how I'm going to continue to do it it's not going to be gassing or a political decision it's going to follow the the science and the fax and likely guidance in Arizona will escalate we are watching nations like Italy see a decrease in death so now although they remain in lockdown the two schools of thought of course are the sooner we do something the last time we'll have to do those things why wait until we get as bad as New York I understand all that and I think most people are voluntarily doing just that

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Three weeks so they have tracks these

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