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Bitcoin Heading Towards $7,000


Try to kill Kryptonite. Show in quarantine special. Yes Ladies and gentlemen. I am now locked down. The only thing I'll be doing will be the next couple of weeks because we us will be and getting some fish so it looks like go into lockdown in the next couple of days so I suspect I suspect the I won't have the opportunity to go hunting for a little while without breaking or having to make some reasonable somewhat this today and save account shoot a couple of Yummy Yummy fush anyway IHEART. You're holding up well wherever you are in the world and they've got a very broad audience ahead look at the stats yesterday. Wow thank you so much to everybody out there. I mean we've got a lot of listen in Italy hoping you're all siphon well dealing with this as best as a can a huge number in the UK. Mahad goes out to you guys. Sti- incisive big hole. Do the right thing. And let's get through this together the US my goodness. It looks really terrible over there as well Plays beside thank you for being a part of what we do here. Of course the globe Australia included of course the biggest audience if I have as Australia followed by the US a loved to all every each and every single one of you. And how do we get through this together? We remained focused. How do we stop ourselves from going outside? We give ourselves things to do. And what can we do during these times of high unemployment and major issues and Social distancing line And what you should be doing right now. Now whether it's Michael so something else. So fray out. It doesn't really matter usually using these time to learn that if you take my word for the best thing to do is tate you that you believe in simply put I spent what Jesus would have been at least eighteen months just trying to work things out myself and it cost me a lot of money and time. You've got looks like by the look at things about six months or so to get stuck in. So let's do that. Remind two things if you don't get the free newsletter. The guys outside. H sorry biweekly a try to call. Dot Com than yes sir. You're saying and I said yes. I said on the podcast that we are doing a discount. They still plays Leslie on. Check that on the website but importantly as well. Fte Ex That exchange that. You guys use I've been trading with Since December very confident since November. I'm very happy Platform OF CHOICE. Right now and what? They've done very nicely. Anyone who tried to call a pot of this part of what we do it try to curb can actually jump in and get a ten percent discount on your trading phase. We've got videos. They're not exactly how to use. Fda says well if that's something that you beat on shore about a field day this guy's open your email from yesterday might be any junk mail. If you don't open often check it out and follow the instructions of it. All I need to do is get the reference number of the referral number of your cat and then I'll get them to plug you in. You'll get ten percent. Trading discount also helps us out to buck in Lahti I'll take. We do receive reimbursement their side of the trade so it does help us as a business in every little bit helps especially the mind cigars. What's going on out there in the market always sold massive massive massive moves in traditional markets. Of course we did see a massive bounce back on the Dow and there hasn't paid ten percent huge of back of potential stimulus package in the trillions. Now what goes up when The printing of Monty guys off well. Typical preferably should be precious metals and they didn't disappoint so gold. Yes they had absolutely monster of a died. Day ended up closing up nearly six Pacific goal. That is really really high. Why is because it's a limited resource? It's a resource. Where's the money? Printing is just crazy and not just preaching like as in a printer models three bones Is Not as clean? Cut Is Walmart saying but the easiest way to think about it is yes. They offering a certain amount of money a senior so to speak so that inflation probably there as well which will catch up. Bitcoin is one of these asset classes. Of course it has a limited amount. Which should intern help between as unless say what Bitcoin date? Guess much writing plan was really simple and for those of you who are try to cope community. You'll know exactly what it was because I told you it's It was focused on the lower timeframes and I did go out of the yesterday with one point five percent profit. And that's good you know that's my weight. Cutler. I'm started. I'm still going to be trading today. And they're awesome levels available to me that I am watching very closely. I'm looking at one right now. Bitcoin six thousand seven hundred seventy five where it full point. Three percent up once against Holding true holding strong holding around the highs of the day. And I'm keeping an eye on this sticking to those lower timeframes once again today. A theory Theory now two point three percent off its at one thirty nine sixty theorem as well but a level starting to sit up there on those lower timeframes. As a matter of fact we'd be break out there. If I look at that yeah. There is a bit of a break at keeping on that onto exile paige breakout there as well. Sixteen point three point. Five percent slotting over into bitcoin cash at six thirty. Hi It's a two point. It's up six dollars thirty at two hundred twenty eight dollars and twenty five cents. That's again of two point. Four percent abyss. Eight hundred seventy nine dollars and twenty one cents up five point four percent no real levels there on base fee right now dig it in on trade on that yesterday a lot on had little shots up over the last hour at forty dollars and seventy one cents we up. Four point one four percent ails perp seeking right now toodle that he five two point seven five percent up on a gain of a flat level starting to come into. They're going to add that to my watch. This as I talk with you because at is just convinced bonds. Next twelve dollars. Forty three at one point nine percent keeping an eye on that. Still break out of its Ryan's right. Now Donna is. It's three cents up two point nine two percent today therion classic had a good day of trading Banged around quite nicely. A five thousand nine cents was represented three point two percent gain on yesterday trump one point three two percent at one point one cents to round out the top ten. We've got plenty opportunity out. They once again today. My watchlist stacked trading against Bitcoin at the moment not the place I want to be. It's trading against petrol contract. And like I said before if you've got enough DX account well let us know about the number on the Reference Code. You'll save that's on my last video. Just go into settings and you'll see your referral code it's the novice at the back. Send that email or a a message on facebook or twitter. Whatever send that number to Admin at try to call DOT COM and we can get you that ten percent trading discount because you are a member and if you do want to get an FDA account also site we can still give you that ten percent discount. Just aim allows 'em we will send you that link it will be in yesterday's amount only instructions. Fool that we're doing fifty percent off on some of the moment as well to help you get through this period. That is Tom and all I can do is offer you wish so offer you a love a little support helping you guys to get through this way are in this together jump in that community you get the chance because a lot of good stuff happening there and Steinheim. That's the simple thing to have greig is. Let's take care of each other. Stay safe and I think again tomorrow Boffa now..

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