Dr. Rupali Chadha Reps and the Coronavirus


Get right to the topic that's at the forefront of everyone's mind the corona virus or cove nineteen for anyone unaware of it. Why is it and what makes it different than say the flu or any of the other viruses that are floating around for you mentioned it the virus just like the flu maybe but it is a particularly Unique virus and that it is not a human to human virus it actually. I originated originated. Amel and then I've been transferred over to Cuban. What makes it unique? Are Pretty much three features? The first one is that It is much more infectious than the flows so infectious basically means eight. One person gets sick Gingrich. Many many more people than data flew Other unique differences are the symptoms that you experience the flu Lou. You get Malays get shells and you develop a fever. And all of that with Corona virus. People don't have chills body aches. Malays it will just develop achiever into the presentation is different in. Bosley and most alarming unfortunately is at the corona virus on leads to more deaths than the flu. So it is a much more serious virus that if the way Leads to rapid deterioration in a certain patient population. Which is what we're looking out for right now. What is what are the best practices that people can employ stay safe from the corona virus? The number one thing is to wash your hands so just open. Water for twenty seconds is good enough. Many people are very concerned about not having had that. There's a verdict but hand sanitizer it really useful which don't have been water for example winger puppy gapped but other than that. Both people can quickly get through banking. So is Your Hall Roy. Orange and that's really BA- keep yourself safe The other main brackets if to say separated from people as much as possible. The virus is transmitted just like the fluid grew droplets in the air or the virus. Live and then get onto those those for your hands and then into your body so if you keep away from people that will help a lot because you walk around the virus the beginning this is the two things hand washing and keep away from other people now. What are the most common symptoms? What are the things that people should look out for for themselves and others to spot? The Corona virus their car viruses immed- IT PRODUCER. Viduthalai costs and high fever. And those are the two main symptom that people get before they develop shortness of breath which kind of indicates that the viruses leading the upper respiratory track down to the lower respiratory tract and getting more serious now You know those are the main things but I wanna add. Say That many people don't have there's been done They have an loud chorus and not have any symptoms to speak of. But there is still contagious. They still have the virus. So that's why again this cracker says keeping yourselves. This is why our guardsmen restaurants are out that we can keep some separation from each other If we don't have been read all for him to our grandma she is at risk. And there you go now. She's going to have the symptoms. But if you do develop a dry cough and high fever It would be a good time to call your physician and we're advising people not to flood the emergency room unless they're really big Simply because of resources that we have available and also because we don't want yours become petri dishes where everyone is catches it from each other. Now we've heard a great deal about social distancing. Let's talk a little bit about why that is so important to help. Contain the spread of the virus. Even if you're not sick right now it's a great question because a lot of people are Crushing University of Shelter System which is forty six percents from other people as well as Dana. Home as much of your chance if your employer that can work from home. That doesn't mean that it's time to go to the pool color and it's time for stay at all and the reason is you know. Think of What happened with toilet paper so everybody needed to be bright or they thought they get toilet paper and they all went to the store and they all the toilet paper. Now it's gone. It's not that we don't have enough votes. They prefer all Americans effects that immediate post people running to the store and Diminish that availability. Same thing happens in healthcare. They're only so many hospital emergency room and reportedly physicians and nurses to take care of you. So if we're all out and Abou- and R- highly contagious buyer and we're willing Willie. Then our premiums that it'd be over flooded really have ventilators the country and unfortunately with this virus some people will require health and breeding is developed developed acute respiratory syndrome. So that you know big concerns. If you said you quote flatten the cutters. And I'm sure there will start to that heard of that term and that basically just need that. If you said on your limit your contact people are GonNa get sick at a slower rates. Go that way will have an emergency where DR versus an ICU. Ventilator available flow. Get RATHER THAN ALL AT ONE. Well put now as a doctor. You and the other healthcare workers are on the front line of treating patients. What are some of the challenges that you're facing right now and also? What are you preparing for moving forward in your your challenge for us right now If we have to be there they were going to be exposed. We need PD which is personal protective equipment and we don't have enough available Part of the issue is that a lot of people went out and bought the end. Ninety five mask or the glory with them from the hospital and took them home. That's part of the part of the problem. The other problem supply chain issue which had more to do with how little met in our healthcare industry get products to us and what kind of shortages they create. So you're not to get into that whole rabbit hole but we don't have enough personal protective equipment that the challenge Lucy. He'd also as I mentioned if that curve dozen flattened. We're just not going to be. There's going to be enough of US care of our view on the other side of that. How have you seen an uptick in healthcare workers? Coming Down with this so there isn't there has been talk. That healthcare workers are getting thicker. But the the big big caveat in all of this is that we don't have the amount of testing we need available just yet Our government and events gift from other governments are trying to help prepare for that so that we can tax people That one of the issues but Other conservative that there is a hypothesis that the longer exposure you have cue corona virus and more L. You can become out. There's no data to support. This is just something that Healthcare workers in Italy observed that their doctors and there were eighty six at a higher rate or a more severely fiqh but this is all just observational right now. We don't really know the big thing with this virus that I've heard is. It's so new that like you said we don't really know what to expect yet and everybody is just sort of learning from the last country where it became a problem as dominating around the World Eric. That's very true. Are you know that's why it's better to be safe then? Sorry has would you rather look back and say? Oh Valley so overreacted. We'll have to stay home for two weeks and watch versus. Oh no what about our businesses? Otherwise people

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