Interview With Rabbi Daniel Lapin About The Coronavirus Situation



All right let me go to rabbi Daniel Lapin because I I have a religious question for the rabbi and it revolves around jubilee and I was thinking how do we get out of this mess without just scrapping the entire worlds to adapt to that no one could ever pay is we're already there rabbi welcome to the program our area hi Glen good to be with you again and before we've even going a little further let me just to congratulate you and thank you for being the only one to deeply and honestly probe Ted Ross Adams links with the Chinese to address Saddam of course being the first ever non doctor head of the World Health Organization yeah and and covered some of the things you have yeah we we we just it's a main story now on the blaze dot com or you can you can watch this from the blaze yesterday I did a bit of a monologue on it this guy is was you know part of the politburo he is deeply in bed with China part of the the the the the political party the communist political party that he was a part of it will it was deemed a terrorist organization and he's the head of the WHL I mean it's insane insane it really is and and is distortion of the early weeks of the corona virus just prove whose pocket he's in bed it is happening because the Chinese have successfully colonized Africa to a fall great and also to the phone and to to a far more extractive way than the British and the Germans of the Belgians ever did in the nineteenth century yeah exactly right exactly right so rabbi Lapin I have a question on jubilee because we are racking up the debt the world is the rich you're going to get richer on this the banks are going to get their money everybody's making money except the actual people and it and there's no way to pay any of this back it's making all of the people into slaves all around the world and I remembered there was some sort of a system in in Jewish law that like loans had to be repaid by seven years or something like that and then every twenty five years or fifty years there was something called the jubilee world debt was wiped out and might even close on that yes no you you're definitely close and you and I spoke about this years and years ago and and you're exactly right there is it is a fifty program bad it's not quite the socialistic dream that some of our left leaning friends might my dream off because they will ways to make certain that business loans were exempt from this pay back and the reason was because business would have just slowed to a standstill for the last few years of the jubilee cycle because who's going to extend credit to and will close wiped out so A. as a sort of band aid to to irresponsible behavior in the proceeding is didn't didn't quite work that way and and also it it it didn't extend to the return of mortgaged land that is being developed how many undeveloped and so there again as it goes back really to to the big idea which which really were exposed to the very first time in the fourth chapter of genesis where god punished Cain for murder and and because the punishment is supposed to fit the crime in in guard system of justice and unity spectacle what was the punishment to train and the punishment was interestingly enough to fold most people only remember part of it people familiar and remember the best way god says well you have to be a wonder you never gonna be able to stay in the one place in any waiting periods of time but the second part of it was that you'll never be able to grow anything because whatever you trying point will not yield its strength to you so now it gets kind of interesting because what's Kane is being told is Hey you there are only two uses of lands the good lord made a certain amount of land and this two uses human beings can put it to agriculture and development we can grow things will build things mining falls on the ground so those are really the only things you can do now if the land is not going to yield to you then you compliment anything and if the land is is he is not going to be available to because you have to keep moving well you can't really build a skyscraper if you Constantinian one place long enough so somehow or another god is saying to cane use sort of that the secret to wealth acquisition was getting rid of the competition in a useful to begin to get rid of able and now you're gonna be able to have everything and guess what your land is worthless without other people it doesn't mean anything land the land in unpopulated areas of Somalia and Ethiopia for that matter is cheap really really cheap but there's a good reason it's cheap the location he wants to be there Landon very populated Hong Kong Switzerland is very expensive that's where people want to be and so one has to be very cautious when tampering with this divine system of human economic interaction and obliteration of debt is is a huge huge problem because of the blow that it strikes to the system of confidence on which all economic and and financial interaction depends so I you know wouldn't when you say it it can never be repaid well unfortunately there are many people in government or think it can because and that this is a professor at the state university of New York who was not adviser to the to the Sanders campaign who said this there's nothing the government can do it just prints more money no problem yeah you know right right literal failure to understand that that's just another way of stealing our money ever the citizens money and so this is this is unquestionably a huge problem but you know look England came out of World War two huge debts Germany came out of World War one and two with huge debts eventually impact the lost installment of one of these that's was paid I think as recently as the nineties so you does he eat it if we don't get paid that can get paid it'll just take a long time and and if it's not done very wisely and you can precipitate another crisis Texas is that system that is the situation at the vin diesel is that Yukon's destroy the system economic development and the big picture that AB it's been extraordinary to watch is that the default position is people will happily exchange freedom for security and so big organizations get big and I think we're all very concerned about the alacrity with which authorities have seized extraordinary power certainly questionable whether it's constitutional it's certainly not American tradition you know that something which is admittedly there's this there's there's a disease that's a problem it's kind of the salt yeah there was aids was the problem they found solutions he borrows a problem there's a vaccine flu is a big problem there's a vaccine you know I don't know when or what or how but it's going to be solved and the the problem here is is that we are we're not just training our liberty for security but we are we're actually flipping the sense of rights on its head you don't have a right to be safe from all things that that that that that's not even possible right in the Sony's acts and not a right right and so the government is is taking are enshrined rights and taking those away to prop up a right that doesn't and cannot exist and you you're probably on top of this as well but as is obsessive James Dwyer at William and Mary college I mean Michael one of the very old school in America who just recently wrote that the the rights that parents have with respect to the children all grounded by government and that's all it is pretty extraordinary so you know you thought you have a special relationship with your children know that depends on whether the government wishes were you retain that right with respect your children so the the fearsome and terrifying alacrity which with which people seem to accept this extension of in many cases all the tree application of governmental power such as the woman in the pocket and me my goodness the the speed with which you know the cop on the beat used to be your friends he was the one your kids could turn to if they will last and now what are you becoming a terrifying instrument of of applying state power it's easy it's it's frighteningly quick and

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