Discipline and Determination


First of all let me just say thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us. I certainly do appreciate it. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you having that the second thing I like to do is to ask you to tell us about yourself now when I say that. Many feel free to go all the way back to when Benny I started all as you can start more current day. Tell us about yourself born and raised in Detroit. Michigan will actually outside Detroit. You know a couple of years from places to Middle School. And Grosse Pointe Mosul elementaries who rose point in moved out the Southfield and went to Detroit Country Day high school where I played three sports basketball for a ranch ride one to eight inches and buy raw and one in track championship. Long Jumper graduated from there might style ship offers to play for Bond College and chose to go to Michigan State University. Where but there for five years by four years leading receiver on in junior and senior there on the Rose Bowl in twenty thirteen one of the best teams initials state history when we went thirteen one. Nedley to seminated professionally. That did not get drafted. I'm currently wanted to my season in the NFL won the Super Bowl and Denver in two thousand sixteen play my first four years in Denver for the last two years. I've played in New York last as Peyton Manning. The plane would be lamenting though nine and author. And you know that's just a little bit about me. I am a brother team. Want rather than two. I have two parents and step mom so I had a great people around me and I've been able to do things in my life with the help is a family friend fantastic. I don't even know where to start. We're GONNA take a quick left turn and learn a little bit more about you. What's your favorite thing to do now for you? I'm going to say outside of football. I enjoy things. I enjoy travelling. Recently you know taking a couple of trips to Mexico I would agrees go to. La Lived in New York to travel. Highlights been time with family and friends love being around my friends and you know guys that I played with friendships that I've grown throughout the year. I do enjoy reading. That's why also why I wrote a book enjoy learning from April. I and I really movie out will love data. What's your favorite movie right? Now I would say green book. I really like an movie of all time. You know you got any denzel movie really this one. The greatest actors of all time so American gangster within her faith a thousand disgrace got it so talk a little bit about your journey because a lot of times when people think about athletes we all understand how hard it is and how you have to be disciplined and Yadda Yadda Yadda talk a little bit. About what it takes to be successful not just athletically but in general you gotta work hard wood. I'd like to tell people is that success doesn't happen in a day. It happens every single day. When you say you have to be disciplined after that the right at the set goals that you really want to achieve like a new one to be a professional athlete. I didn't know if it was going to be for baller basketball but every single day like I was working towards that and our talented anybody out there. Yes be disciplined is very important but being persistent stand persisted toward your goal like Adobe Wall Time It took me twenty two years and come a pro athlete. Isn't that something happened overnight or happened. After a couple years at Michigan state not had been working for this pretty much. Whole Life. Now always consciously gone toward something but once. I started at Age Fourteen. Fifteen years old like all right. I WANNA be a professional athlete. I'm working towards that every single day. So success doesn't happen in a day. It happened every single day goal. Said you gotTA break in long-term goals down to your short term goals and your short term goals in T- long-term wills data. Thanks this so talk a little bit about your book. Why a book reflection reflection of where I met in my life and that things that I've been able to accomplish as a team as an individual and also the people that have been arrived around so great players and I've learned a lot of grey base of why not share those things with the world. Does I know with certain books have done for me in my life. And that's why I wrote one and why not inspired me. So that's why I'm so when people pick up and read it. What are they gonNA take away from it? This is like a self help. Books like self actualize books. And they're going to realize that they have all the power in everything that they have that they want to achieve their goals or dreams right inside a woman. They'll just Meyer Goldberg from a semis stories. But some of the people that I have in the book like my brother or Draymond Green Dr Quiz demarcus ware also has some fringe were entrepreneurs or in the book as well because connected. One person in the world is Allie. I want them to also learn from friends who still have the same doubts fears and insecurities still were able to overcome those things. There are ups and downs in life if you really want something. You're going to have to stay precision discipline and go after it. And that's what I just want be learning. I want people to take away from it. Give us some insight on one of the time because I know I'm in a season and in time in my life where I have had the thought. Okay I want to give up. I don't WanNa to do this anymore. What about you have you ever had a time in your life or in your career where you wanted to give up? You wanted to quit. But you didn't and help US UNDERSTAND. What made you continue on? I don't think I ever wanted to give quit. I would always tell myself dot to give up or quit in. Ireland will just know that. I would have a lot of regrets if I did give up to quit so I don't think I've had very cut moments like man. I don't WanNa feel this pain or I don't WanNa feel dizzy or fear a life. I've always told myself like you're going to regret this. If you don't go back out there or try so I don't ever want to give up but I just like everybody else. I've had my fears. That's an insecurities but I'll always tell myself. You gotta go for the asked. You knew each yourself up. If you don't get it was was one of your biggest failures if you describe it that way personally. I don't consider anything that I don't achieve as a failure but talk a little bit about some of those moments for you. What was the biggest moment in your life where he thought? Wow Man that Dingo will. I have moments like this every year but the first time. I've really felt a big failures. Probably my Richard Junior year at Michigan State. That'd be twenty twelve and I dropped. Touchdown passes on a big nationally televised game on ABC. And now that was the first time where you know they gain was really on my shoulders. I mean only happened in the first quarter. But you know you know. Lose game first quarter but I like that play could have made by different game. That was the first time night. They'll those fears and insecurities all that nervousness said. That's when I really got into understanding the mind. How strong the MY IDEAS? I can care of your mind. How IMPORTANT MODEL

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