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Please go ahead as we said this. Stick into your nostril to test you for the corona virus disease. It might be uncomfortable but definitely not painful. So just relax. I will get this done in the next one minutes well about is probably what you hear if you were being tested. For THE CORONA VIRUS DISEASE. Well on this podcast by Africa Business Review and the film's I'll be answering people's burning questions that you might have on the Corona Virus Disease. I need and I will be doing this right here and right now Africa Business Radio too. It's a profitable Africa so some people have asked me so that the right now what happens when somebody thinks they have virus disease and the answer is he wants to tell them. What did they do? The blood sample liberal at a urine sample. And say okay. So what do that? What we call a nasal firing gel swap now. What happens is that the instead is stick into your nostril to reach US far back as the back of your throat and I knew that sound on uncomfortable but how collected now the inset specials swab stick that looks like cotton board so it has a long shaft and it also has synthetic material at the end of that. Shut the nostril. Let us to rob the buckle the tools and then the sample is transported to a special lab in which is special tests called reverse transcriptase preliminaries. Chain reaction is conducted when that test comes up positive then the person is confirmed to have Karuna virus disease. What they look for in that is actually the genetic material of the virus that we have collected from that news of Gel swab all that tests or other methods that can be used to collect samples to confirm for the president of the coronavirus disease. Include an ORAL FOR RANGEL'S BOB. That just means the mouth is where they go through to get the sample just inside the stick into the mouth and the back of the throat is Putin sample we pops up and then spits into special content that is transported to the lab and then also what we call them for bronchial. Al Ula Varghese done but who are on ventilators now all these big teams for the various methods that we used to get samples to test for the virus disease. So I hope we've been able to answer the question on wards and how samples for the Cobra? Virus testing is conducted. And I will see you next time. Right here on this podcast. This has been a public health collaboration between Africa Business Radio. Pr Films and on capacity DOT COM.

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