Explorers & Contenders: Annette Kellerman


Meet the one and only a net. Kellerman a net. Marie Sara Kellerman was born in eighteen. Eighty six in Merrillville Australia. A suburb of Sydney. Her father was an Australian violinist and her mother was a French pianist and music teacher. As a child Annette's legs weren't strong enough to support her so she wore metal braces as a form of physical therapy and conditioning. And that's parents took her to a local pool. She later described that experience. Saying only a cripple could understand the intense joy I experienced after I learned. I go swimming anywhere anytime. The swimming really did help. Strengthen a nets legs. She was a natural in the water and she had a flair for the dramatic throughout her life and that would combine her sport with feeder to entertain the public by the time. She was around fifteen years old. She was winning races in setting speed records. She was also performing diving exhibitions and swimming in twice. Daily shows with fish at an aquarium her skill and ability to entertain set a net part and she further made a name for herself as a fashion icon at that point in time. Victorian societal norms were strict. When it came to swimming tire women were supposed to Don pantaloons and a loose dress so as not to show their figures a net found that overly burdensome and created a new kind of beating costume hers left her arms exposed and was very tight warlike one piece bathing suits today if they extended down as shorts or pants and that was actually arrested for indecency while swimming on each during a Uso trip to Massachusetts in one thousand nine hundred seven volynets spent much of her life making varied contributions to fashion entertainment and society at large. These achievements stemmed from her incredible talent at her sport among other feats and that set the world record for the Fastest Mile. Swam and help the swim records for a number of major rivers around the world after moving from Australia to England. She swam a daily circuit from town to town along the coast in preparation for an attempt to swim across the English Channel. She eventually did try and fail to swim across the body of water though she made it three quarters of the way despite that failure a net kept on swimming and winning races. She swam in a seven mile race through Paris in front of five hundred thousand spectators and tied with another woman to sixteen men after. You're up a net headed across the Atlantic to the US stateside annette focused more on the performance part of rear. She wowed audiences by stunt swimming and high diving. She also allowed many with physical appearance. A Harvard professor deemed a Net. The perfect woman because her measurements were so similar to those of the Venus Diallo. Naturally this proclamation helped draw in even larger crowds. Those who couldn't make it to a live show. We're in luck. A net took her talents to Hollywood at the height of the silent movie era. She appeared in multiple films though most are now considered lost. Because there's no known footage still in existence. Most of her movies had plots connected to water and she often played a mermaid notably and that was the first major actress to appear. Fully Nude onscreen annette continued swimming and performing until the nineteen forties. She credited the sport with changing her life in nineteen eighteen. She said but for swimming. I might have been hobbling about on crutches today instead of skating. Dancing and indulging in twenty five mile constitutional in addition to making my regular livelihood as a moving picture mermaid or flirting with toto. The funny fish through the walls of the glass tank at the New York hippodrome later in life a net became an author speaker and owned a health food store in Long Beach California. She continued to swim till nearly the end of her life. In nineteen seventy a net and her husband who had been her manager moved back to Australia. A net died in nineteen seventy five. She was eighty nine years old. Annette Kellerman popularized her sport and buck norms for her gender paving the path for future women swimmers success. She was honored by the International Swimming Hall of fame and she has a star on the Hollywood walk of

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