John Krasinski Has ‘Some Good News’ For Beth Israel Employees


About John presents you know he's been doing that YouTube channel called some good news the gore side Boston Red Sox legend big papi David Ortiz well they got together and created some really good news for a group of professionals at Beth Israel deaconess Medical Center in Boston resent ski had some members of the hospital's covered nineteen you died nineteen unit on his new YouTube show some good news along with David Ortiz and he told the nurses and respiratory therapists that he heard that they were big red Sox fans and he said quote I know we're all missing baseball season but that doesn't mean I can't bring baseball to you he said before bringing on David or teens or teens is very thankful to the health professionals and I know he had gone through some struggles after being assaulted done the last couple of years and he got some great medical care so I think this is home to him appreciation for health care providers this quote I gotta tell you guys from the very bottom of my heart how much I love and respect you for what you guys are doing and then form them that the red Sox organization was gifting the hospital staff four tickets to their games for life whoa hi Chris since he had the group had outside to the most sanitize dot both hit a pair K. which took them to Fenway Park where the jumbo tron featured videos of the mayor of Boston the governor of Massachusetts and the entire red Sox team applauding for the health professionals the group then threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the season and one of those baseball he says if there's an extra one grab one and sign it for me you're my heroes and that is going to go on this wall

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