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Good Morning boomer. How are you? Hey Good Morning Geel. Great actually and You know the last dance continues to just absolutely fascinate. And I I will say that Got Into a little bit of the dirt last night with Michael Jordan. And all that other stuff still doesn't make me this morning. Feel any different about who? He was basketball player. You know how competitive. He was an everything that he did. He wanted to win and he lost a lot of money gambling. We all know that he also has the money in the funds to support that gambling habit. That he has you know. He's like your typical gambler. I quit I want well. I don't think so. I think he enjoys it and he makes so much money because of his success on the court has he said last night so none of it really a surprise me. He hates Isaiah Thomas. He hates being compared to any other player on the planet on the Basketball Court whether it be Clyde Drexler Kobe Bryant. You name it I would love I. I just wish obviously the hypotheticals are would be off the charts. If we even went into this discussion but I would love to see him and Lebron James. Go had it just for one day when they're both in the middle of their prime just to see what that game would look like but you the the last dance in continues to really impressive. Obviously we got to hear more from David. Faulk last night in the contract with Nike. And how he didn't WanNa go with Nike and Nike Nike was a Startup Company Accession. Essentially and he really wanted to go with. Adidas and Converse was the was the league shoot but he did to be a part of a group. You wanted to be separated. You know I get all that stuff and it just it is fascinating no however go back and watch some of the game footage and what was going on around those games in behind the scenes in those games and I don't know I have fond memories of John starks. That poor kid just just trying to do everything to stop them. And how the Knicks tried to play his physicals they possibly could in the ninety three series and then of course Pat Riley and thinking about the good times for the next one when he was running the team. So I don't know it was great. It was great to episode last night. It's like I can't wait for the next two and the one the one thing I will say that really came to light and all this is right Sam Smith and how Sam Smith was trying to find whatever he could to write whatever he can negatively about Michael whether it be the Jordan rules or the guys appeal appeal. Don't know he wrote the book. The Jordan rules during Michael's career and of course there was some dirt on him. In to that point Michael Jordan was teflon. It was all about him. You know all the endorsements in every great thing that he did and Sam Smith went to try to find. You'll is there anything wrong with Michael Jordan and he even admitted that because Sam Smith's alive today in that book admitted I gotTa find something else like I gotta get. What's really going on Michael Jordan? Realize why who cares I mean? Shouldn't we all care about? I would think about what he's doing on the court and what's going on in the locker my guests and bill parcells had separate rules for Lawrence Taylor you know. They're separate rules for every player on every team. Depending on who that player may be and how that player Produces Mike. Tomlin had certain rules for Le Vian Bell and for Antonio Brown when they were producing they would he would put up with whatever. The nonsense is whatever? Then being later found a drug test or whatever he would put up with it why because he knew that that was his job in order to be successful at his own job. He needed those guys on the field. And I feel a lot of coaches at least pass coaches. I would say eighties and nineties for sure maybe even seventies that there were separate rules and that's why it was so important in the NBA. To get a person of Magic Johnson Stature Patrick Ewing stature or Larry Bird stature so they would force the rest of the team to follow them because they were so committed to what they were doing on the court that it was easy to coach those guys so i. I don't know I just thought it was a hatchet job. It was an assassination attempt. And you know he almost almost sits there in great joy that he wrote this book and I'm sure a lot of people came down on him as he said. But could you imagine if you wrote that book today or Somebody wrote that book today? About Lebron James. Yeah I mean we see a little bit different now because we have all these versions of the personality in the private life and everything that goes on if you like everything is covered more thoroughly today than it was back then so that was a big surprise to everybody when that book came out. It was just funny to me thinking back. I like it took a book. You know in this guy to write it over the course of a year to get an inside. Look at the Bulls Locker Room when most of the time today if anything happens there's a woge tweet. Ten seconds later that tells us everything that went on. You know so I mean to me. The Lebron James is a book written about him every single night on social media as opposed to the Jordan Bulls. Who are a little more insulated at that point to see what he went through? I was one of the thing that struck me last night just to see how exhausted he was in being Michael Jordan. I mean and I get it. I mean people laugh at that stuff like everyone wants to be like Mike even made the commercial about it. But you know. He's sitting there smoking a cigar in the hotel room and he goes you know I get ten minutes. And then another documentary film crew comes in and sits there and talks name always laying on the hotel couch smoking a cigar and hanging out everywhere. He goes the second that he leaves he just mobbed everywhere and it just it did take a toll on him and when you mention the gambling stuff to you know another thing that stuck out to me that I was. I was thinking about and I don't know if anybody's ever really brought this up with Michael but to me. He was so good at basketball that he got bored like he was so yes whatever he wanted on the basketball court the highest level so he had to sit there and it wasn't even so much the gambling aspect of it as it was. He mentioned he was a competition attic. But he's sitting there throwing the quarters next to the wall with the security guards before the game or he's going out and he's golfing before games or he's going down to Atlantic city before game two of the ninety three eastern conference final before again is that because he's got a gambling promise that because he's just bored because he can do whatever the hell he wants. Even when going got tuffy turned it on obviously yet two examples last night in Eastern Conference finals and then the ninety three finals against the sons and Charles. Barkley where okay you know. They turned up the heat a little bit. And now I'm GONNA come and make sure that you can't win. Yeah also even in the Dream Team practice where all of a sudden magic Johnson was getting under skin and you hear some of those stories about how certain guys had these relationships of behind the scenes. And that's what really truly makes us interesting. You know what they say about Michael Jordan. Just from you know being on bus rides with athletes and understanding how things work I mean he. I'm sure he drove some people crazy. There's no question about that. But man he does a lot of fun when he was around boys when he was with the fellas and he was doing his thing whether it be playing cards whether it be playing golf hanging out in his hotel room drinking biller lights instead of the Gatorade and smoking a cigar on your that was that was the fun part of Michael Jordan. And I'm sure while. Some of the teammates were jealous and some of the teammates probably got sick and tired of all the commercials and and the adulation that were that. Were coming his way. 'cause they saw him in his worst moments too you know. They saw him when he was tired and practice. They saw him when he was agitated during the game he would get in. Somebody's face so they saw everything we only saw what he wanted us to see on the Basketball Court and through the board rooms through the The marketing deals. But I I would think it would be a whole. Larry's the play with him whether he's flipping coins with the security guards and skirt yards making fun of him and then him making fun of security guards. You know there was a real person in there. Believe it or not you could see him with the kids before the Games. And after the Games you could see him signing autographs he was the Beatles all on unto himself and he it he made the NBA an international league all by himself simply because of his personality swagger and even when you listen to the PR people from the NBA and Rod. Born talking about who he was and how he became the Alpha Alpha male. It truly is accurate to say that he probably was a pain in the ass to play with and against but somebody also that if you needed to sign Jersey for a sick kid or you needed assigned Jersey for a Christmas present for your sister you know. He was going to take care of his teammates. That way. And find me a guy who gets to that level who is completely perfect. It just didn't find anybody completely perfect. But think about you know Michael Jordan. I know Kobe was like this with with his teammates. There's an example of mean. Joe Greene I used to hear all the time of when he tried to coach. He was a terrible coach because he couldn't understand how players weren't as good as him and could do the things that he did like. You know just go there and knock that guy over and get the quarterback. He couldn't understand it. You know and I think that when you're when you're that good and you work hard and you're surrounded by people that aren't that good and don't necessarily work as hard as you than that. It becomes frustrating for a player. I'll like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or others and that's why they're perceived as jerks but really what they're trying to do is a will there teammates to be able to win more championships and cement. Everybody's legacy means the same thing with with Bill Belichick to a certain degree as a coach. Asante Samuel comes out and goes on blame Tom. Brady you know it sucks. I'll play with bill belichick. Okay does it. Suck to have super bowl champion. Asante Samuel in front of your name and then you'll have those rings to show off and to go out and get appearances in get money because you want a super bowl. I mean does it suck to be that guy because you could have been played your entire career for the Jaguars or somewhere else. And you'd nobody would know who the hell Yar so I mean..

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